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Frontier Phone

Frontier Phone Service Keeps You In Touch

Stay Connected with Frontier Home Phone Service

Frontier Home Phone Service

Frontier offers two high-quality home phone options which are subject to availability and may vary by location:

  • Frontier VoIP-based home phone

    Make & receive local & long-distance calls over your Frontier Internet connection.

  • Frontier Digital Voice

    Get all the benefits of VoIP-based home phone, plus unlimited local or both local and long-distance calling, based on the voice plan.

Individual Home Phone packages
start around
32 .99
per month and vary by location. Service subject to availability.

Why You Need Home Phone Service

Frontier Home Phone service offers crystal clear call quality, day and night. With its high signals, you’ll have better conversations with no dropped calls. A Frontier landline comes in handy during power outages, giving you added peace of mind should an emergency situation arise. Plus, your specific geolocation can be determined much faster by emergency dispatchers than with a cell phone to expedite assistance. To further keep you connected, a Frontier Home Phone plan gives you automatic inclusion in phonebook directories (should you desire) if you want to be accessible to friends, family, and business associates who may need to contact you. And if you don’t have an unlimited cell phone calling plan, you can save your minutes when you’re at home and have your family use the home phone. With a steady network and no static, you’ll be able to stay in close contact with those who matter to you most.

Bundle with Internet and TV for the Best Value

You’ll save big when you bundle Frontier Home Phone service with Frontier Internet, and even bigger when you bundle with Frontier Internet and TV. In addition to simply paying less than you would for each service individually, bundling unlocks additional promotional incentives to enhance your value. Plus, you get the added benefit of complementary services from one provider working together to give you an overall better connection to the people and things that matter most, not to mention one-bill convenience. With more than a 100 years of phone experience, Frontier understands the importance of staying connected. Call the number at the top of the page TODAY to create a personalized, value-rich bundle with Frontier Home Phone service.