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What Channel is the Weather Channel on FiOS?

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Global climate is changing abruptly and we all have witnessed it. The places with hot weather are becoming colder and poles are melting. The world has recently seen the hottest year in history. All the concerns related to global warming are becoming concrete. To stay on top of the changing weather game the Weather Channel on FiOS gives you hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly climate report.

TWC or The Weather Channel is a pay television channel based in the United States. It a highly credible channel and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the BBC of the weather news. The Weather Group owns the channel and its headquarters are located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Tag along to know more about the said channel.

About Weather Channel on FiOS 

Launched in 1982, it is the leading weather channel watched across the globe. It broadcasts weather-related analysis and news. The channel is not a boring broadcast of weather news only. It airs enlightening documentaries and other entertainment programming based on weather. The documentaries and shows depict some of the most bizarre and exceptional climatic conditions and disasters the world has witnessed.

Their website is also full of useful information about the geographical and climatic conditions of the world. It is extensive and informative. They also have mobile apps now. You can use your phone and Internet to access all the info on their site.

Currently, around 79.128 million American households have access to this channel. People across the globe consider it a credible source of weather info. The slogan of the channel is It’s Amazing Out There”. And it suits the channel just right. The Weather Channel on FiOS is aired in pristine picture quality. And all other cable TV providers also ensure airing this channel pertaining to its popularity.

Programming on the Weather Channel

Do you know that John Coleman, a meteorologist was the founder of this channel? Initially, the channel’s content was all about weather reports, climatic changes, forecasts, and so on. Later on, the channel added some crisp shows and documentaries to make it catchier. You will love the content of this channel. Yes, they won’t beat Showtime’s shows but they have their own quality.

If you have a subscription to one of the Frontier TV packages, you can watch all these shows, reports, and documentaries in HD quality. Check out these amazing shows. They are as good as the shows on National Geographic.

Popular Shows to Catch

  • Why Planes Crash.
  • Prospectors.
  • 100 Biggest Weather Moments.
  • Fat Guys in the Woods.
  • Epic Conditions.
  • Weather Center.
  • Abrams & Bettes Beyond the Forecast.
  • So You Think You’d Survive?
  • Weather Proof.
  • Storm Riders.

With The Weather Channel on FiOS, you should watch the following amazing shows to enjoy them to the fullest.

America’s Morning Headquarters

AMHQ is morning TV program and it has been aired for many years now. You watch it from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. every morning the content of the show revolves around news, weather conditions, and business info from many different countries.

Weather Center Live

Weather Center Live is an amazing and entertaining show. The central topic remains to be forecast and weather info. But it is interspersed with interesting lifestyle vignettes regarding leisure activities of physical fitness and health.

Highway Thru Hell

Based on one of North America’s most traveled trucking routes, the men of the famous Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue company have to battle the treacherous and crazy Coquihalla Highway in the British Columbia. It is also the most important route from an economic perspective. The crew works hard to keep the road open and do whatever it takes to do so.

You will be thrilled to see truckers face lethal drop-offs, steep hills, and some major rockslides. The urgent deliveries of cargos require rescue crews to readily respond whenever the truckers get into some trouble.

Storm Stories

These stories are full of thrill and excitement. They revolve around gripping accounts survivors and rescuers who battled highly unpredictable and severe weather. You will love how each episode features stepwise events, which led to some life-threatening weather disaster or storm. You will also see the unrest that follows. It is typically created through re-enactments. But it is an exciting fact that they have also used actual footage of the storms several times.

Strangest Weather on Earth

For many of us, the weather is as simple as whether it is going to rain or not. But nature can surprise us with rare encounters of extraordinary phenomena. This series is based on such rare and unusual events. Just like the ones on Animal Planet, SEC Network shows. They also enlighten us with meteorological and other scientific explanations. You get to hear the story from the eyewitnesses too.

If you are a cord-cutter, you can also watch these shows online with one of your FiOS Internet packages. You can also catch the changing climatic conditions and live weather forecasts for your area online. Or, if you are planning a vacation, you can see the weather beforehand.