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Top 10 Christmas Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

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Jingle bells, jingle bells…

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when you get to flaunt your ugly Christmas sweaters. But then there are great times when families unite over a good, warm meal. But if you are away from home and friends, you can still enjoy the festivities. A perfect Christmas evening for you then would be to get in the ugly sweater, snuggle inside a comforter and watch Netflix movies. This blog provides a list of the top Christmas movies that are streaming on Netflix right now. For a change, let’s not put the summary of the story into boring words. On the contrary, you will find many interesting and fun facts about all these cherished movies.


‘You have such a pretty face. You should be on a Christmas card.’

Who all remember this dialogue from the movie?

This Will Ferrell movie was a festive comedy that you should watch at least once every December. And those of you who follow this ritual, might not be familiar with some of the facts pertaining to the movie. So, let’s unveil some important, yet a little unknown fact (by many), about this ‘tickle-your-funny-bone’ movie:

  • The role of ‘Buddy’ was originally offered to Jim Carrey. But he was so Christmas-ed out by his roles in ‘The Grinch that Stole Christmas’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’ that he did not want to play this character. Hence, Will Ferrell- the ‘Buddy’.
  • It was not all fun and games for Will to gulp all those sugary treats as a part of his character ‘Buddy’ in the movie. He suffered from severe headaches but agreed in an interview that he would do anything for the movie.
  •  This fact comes across as a rather funny one but a couple of BABIES were fired from their roles in the film. Yes, we are referring to tiny toddlers who could not stop crying when all they had to do was crawl and be chirpy. Eventually, three happy babies replaced them. Ouch! Imagine being a 6-month old and expected to act all mature.

The Holiday

Well, this movie was about two girls getting into each other’s boots (read: lifestyles). It’s a tale of two women, two love lives and two houses. However, there are unusual facts that you did not know about the movie:

  1. Dustin Hoffman got lucky with his role in the film. He was originally not part of the movie. But saw a scene from the movie that the cast was shooting for inside a DVD store when he was passing by. He knew Nancy Meyers. Well, the rest is history.
  2. He cost a whopping $1 Million to build the interior sets for Amanda’s luxurious house.
  3. The Rose Cottage that you saw in the film does not exist. Sad, but true. The producers of the film built it in a field in a course of two weeks. Talk about dedication!

Love Actually

This rom-com with intersecting love stories turned 15 recently. And fifteen years later, the movie is still all around. From teaching us that self-love is an important phenomenon in proving that love defies language barriers, it was a rather emotional watch. And here’s all that you did not know about this mushy movie:

  • They played it sneakily at the sets of the movies. The airport footage in the film was shot with hidden cameras. The footage that included people greeting their loved ones at Heathrow Airport was actual footage. Hidden cameras shot these scenes for a week.
  • Olivia Olson was a bit too good for the role of Sam’s Crush. In fact, when she auditioned, she sang the song ‘All I need for Christmas is You’ so well that it sounded unreal. The editors had to cut in breaths for it to sound real.
  • Those romantic signs that you saw in the movie were hand-written by Andrew Lincoln. Because according to him, his handwriting was just too good. 10/10 for you Andrew for displaying that level of confidence.

Fun fact: Keira Knightley’s iconic style in the movie came into existence because of her acne. The hat helped her hide the ugly ‘head-on-head’ as she called it,

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This movie was an adaptation from Dr. Seuss’s children tales where a green Grinch tries his best to ruin Christmas for the cheery residents of Whoville. Here are things you did not know about the movie:

  • The tons and tons of make-up applied to the Grinch took 8.5 hours in the first round. Following this, it would take 3 hours every day to get Grinch ready for the character. And Jim Carrey aka Grinch had to go through this torture 100 times.
  • The opening shot featured 40,000 computer-generated trees that were inside a single snowflake.
  • The Dr. Seuss version of Grinch was black and white as opposed to his green look in the film.


This movie was a modern take on Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol.’ This Bill Murray movie came in 1988 and here’s what you did not know about the movie:

  • Carol Kane’s had no chill when it came to kissing Bill Murray for a scene. Her grip was so forceful that she injured Murray, tearing his lip. Now that’s one painfully funny fact!
  • Murray asked of the script to be reworked before he started shooting for the film. He actually tore the script as it was not to his taste. The family scenes in the original script came across as a bit off so they had to eliminate them. And the romantic element between Frank and Claire flared up a bit.
  • It was a family affair as three Murray brothers shared the screen with him in the film.

Bad Santa

Released in 2003, Bad Santa has all the adult Christmas movie would- humor, a dash of heart and profanity. Here are a couple of facts you did not know about this rather dark-humored film currently playing on Netflix Movies:

  • The first choice for the lead for this movie was Bill Murray. However, he had signed the contract for ‘Lost in Translation.’ Hence, losing the role to Billy Bob Thornton.
  • Thornton took the role rather seriously. In an interview, he revealed that he could not just ‘play’ drunk when he was not. He had to get into the character. Therefore, he ignored the fact that he was filming with children on the sets and was always more than ‘sort of drunk.’
  • It will surprise you when you get to know the name by which this movie is famous in the Czech Republic. It is rather funny- ‘Santa is a Pervert.’ We know how things change meanings when translated from one language to another, don’t we? Well, this is one of those cases.

Bad Santa 2

A sequel to Bad Santa 2, this movie was just as hilarious. Released thirteen years after its first part, here’s what you probably did not know about Bad Santa 2:

  • The reason why the sequel came out after thirteen years of the release of the original movie is that a couple of factors added up to the delay. From the studio being in transition to getting the script right, there were a couple of reasons for the delay.
  • Billy Bob Thornton fought twice in his struggle to cast Tony Cox and Bretty Kelly as his sidekicks.

White Christmas

This sixty-one-year-old holiday movie remains a favorite amongst many after all these years. However, you will be in for a surprise when you learn about these lesser-known facts about the movie:

  • Vera-Ellen did not sing a single song in the movie. In fact, Rosemary Clooney recorded the parts where Ellen’s character sings. The only part that Vera sang was the opening lines of the song ‘Snow.’
  • Talking of the song ‘Snow’, you would be amazed to learn that it was not about snow. In fact, the original version of the song by Irving Berlin called ‘Free’ had nothing to do with winter at all.
  • Now, here’s one rather unique fact- throughout the movie, you won’t see Vera’s neck. Surprised?

Well, you might just have to watch the movie again using your Frontier Internet subscription maybe? Or any other service provider in that case. But yeah, coming back to the point, all of Ellen’s costumes were designed in a way that her neck was not revealed. Rumors have it that her neck had aged prematurely due to anorexia. Hence, it had to be covered.

A Very Murray Christmas

Directed by Sofia Coppola, this star-studded movie has Bill Murray as the lead actor. He spends his Christmas in a famous hotel where he has an encounter with all the characters that the cold brings.


Another holiday movie that you should watch on Netflix movies which revolve around a big-foot that people in an American town spot. It later turns out that it was just a human dressed as an ape.

Hope you relish watching these movies. You can enjoy a movie night at any time. So even if you are planning to travel, most of the popular hotels around the country have Netflix. Enjoy your holidays!