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What Channel is TNT on FiOS?

in Entertainment

If you are looking for entertainment but do not want to leave your house, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? Of course, Netflix is an obvious choice. But have you tried other options like TNT on FiOS, for example? Majority of the people do not see cable subscriptions as a considerable option these days. The majority being the millennials, of course. However, the cable service providing companies now offer an array of channels with some of the most popular shows to entertain yourself with.

A popular choice these days, however, is TNT.

Turner International- A Whole Entertainment Network in Its Own

TNT is part of the Turner International Network. The chances that you have not heard of this network are high. But the chances that you have not heard of any of the channels that the network has under its name are rare. In case, you did not know, Turner International owns channels like Cartoon Network, CNN and Bloomberg. Not to forget, TNT and truTV that the network proudly has to its name as well. tbs being another popular channel that the network owns.

Almost everyone is aware of the entertainment that channels like Cartoon Network have brought to kids in every era. From Dexter’s Laboratory to Teen Titans to Tom & Jerry, the channel has given a reason to laugh to not just the kids but adults as well. If we talk about Bloomberg, then the channel has been a favorite resort for individuals trying to learn about finance and investment. CNN provides you with all the latest news. And entertainment? That you get through the amazing shows that channels like TNT air.

If you subscribe to the services of companies like Frontier Communications, you will get access to some of the best Frontier TV packages. Not to forget the entertaining channels that you will be able to watch including ESPN and Starz. This is in addition to TNT on FiOS. If you think that the channel does not have to offer much, here’s all that you need to know about it.

TNT on FiOS- More Entertainment than You Think!

TNT is not a very popular channel amongst individuals. People mostly look forward to channels like HBO whenever they subscribe to a TV package. However, TNT has a lot to offer to you as well. The original purpose of launching TNT was to air classic movies and shows on it. However, another channel owned by the network (TBS) was already entertaining the audience through this genre. Initially, TNT aired the classics. But since 2001, there has been an amalgam of not just the movies and shows aired but sports as well. Apart from the feature films and shows, you can also relish watching NBA games, for example.

Therefore, offering a complete entertainment package to the audience. The channel kick-started by airing Gone with the Wind as it was Turner’s favorite movie. But following that, there have been a lot of shows and movies that have been aired by the channel. It still continues to feature some of the most amazing shows. The list includes:

  • Law & Order
  • Judging Amy
  • Miracle Workers
  • I am the Night
  • The Last Ship
  • Wrecked

There are a couple of other shows that will be airing soon on the channel. These include ‘Tell me Your Secrets’ and ‘Raised by Wolves.’

In case you subscribe to the services of Frontier, opting for any of the Frontier online deals, here’s where you will find TNT on FiOS in different states.

Channel Name Dallas, Texas Portland, Oregon Orlando, Florida Los Angeles
TNT 551 551 551 551

The Packages to Suit Your Budget & Needs

That’s true. The company offers packages that are very thoughtfully planned (one must agree). Because there are deals to suit the needs of various income brackets. And they reflect the fact that not everyone wants to watch or have access to an unlimited number of channels. At times, people are happy with the bare minimum. So the three packages that you can choose for yourself from include:

  • FiOS TV Prime– This particular package will give you access to around 315 TV channels. The list also includes 40 channels that you can view in HD.
  • FiOS TV Extreme– This package will allow you to choose from a greater variety of channels that include over 375 of them. You will also get access to over 65 HD channels.
  • FiOS TV Ultimate– You will be able to choose from an array of 400+ channels if you subscribe to this package. Not only this but you will also get access to over 90 HD channels.

You must not think that TNT is the only channel that the company has to offer as part of its packages. You will get access to other premium channels including Fox. Frontier channel lineup for various packages will not disappoint you.

The best part is that subscribing to Frontier means you getting access to uninterrupted service because of the 100% optic fiber network. This means that you will be viewing TV in better quality than the ordinary cable offers. It also means that there will be fewer outages.

As far as TNT on FiOS is concerned, you will get access to the channel in all three packages mentioned above. So, you can opt for any depending on your need. In addition to all that, the packages include other great channels too like Showtime.

What Else does Frontier Offer?

Subscribing to any of the Frontier packages means that you will also get the following as part of them:

  • FiOS DVR- This is one of the favorite accessories that come along with the TV packages. It allows you to record your favorite shows or matches to watch later. You can even pause and rewind the recorded shows as and when you please. DVRs are a game changer in the whole TV watching experience.
  • Frontier TV Everywhere App- Subscribing to the packages will also give you access to the TV app. So, whether it is TNT on FiOS or you want to watch your favorite match on ESPN, you can do so even when on-the-go. You do not have to stick to the couch in your house to view what you wish to. All you need is an Internet connection and a smartphone. The former you can get from the company as well.

Hope you find this guide helpful. In case of queries, you can contact the customer service center. The efficient reps will be more than happy to guide you.