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What Channel is TBS on FiOS Frontier?

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When it comes to quality entertainment, you can always rely on a few names. One of these names is Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). Owned by Warner Media Entertainment, the channel is essential to the channel lineups of all cable TV providers. You can watch TBS on FiOS in pristine picture quality in all of its serviced states.

TBS is an American TV network that hosts a variety of content. It mainly focuses on the genre of comedy. It also airs certain sports events such as NCAA Basketball Tournament and Major League Baseball. Let’s know more about the channel.

TBS on FiOS – Enjoy Exceptional Picture Quality

Since the channel focuses more on comedy, the slogan of TBS is “We’re comedy”. Launched in 1976, the channel has earned a name because of quality programming. The sister channels include Cinemax, OWN, HBO, and many others.

Currently, TBS airs a mix of original as well as reruns of comedy sitcoms. It hosted the famous show that we all loved, The Big Bang Theory. According to an estimate, around 90.391 million American households have access to TBS. All Frontier TV packages essentially include it in their channel lineup. And it is also watched across the globe. Check out the following table and save yourself from searches like “TBS channel frontier.”

Channel Name City/State Channel Number
TBS California 52/552 HD
TBS Texas 52/552 HD
TBS Florida 52/552 HD
TBS Indiana 52/552 HD
TBS Oregon 52/552 HD
TBS Washington 52/552 HD

TBS on FiOS is aired in high definition in all the aforementioned states. That’s for you to enjoy its content in pristine picture quality.

Looking for TBS Channel Number in Your State?

Since FiOS is an IPTV service, the channel numbers remain the same in every state across the country. For all the states services by FiOS, TBS channel number is 52/552 HD as mentioned in the aforementioned table.

The channel’s morning schedule is dominated heavily by the reruns of former and current comedies. But it has also been airing movies since the inception of the channel.

Top Shows on TBS Channel Frontier

TBS has aired some entertainment-rich shows, which you shouldn’t miss. When you tune the TBS channel number, you will not be disappointed. It always has something for you.  Among the many popular shows are The Guest Book, Snoop Dogg, Final Space, The Joker’s Wild, Close Enough, Miracle Workers, Search Party, The King of Queens, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and 2 Broke Girls. With one of the Frontier bundle deals, you will be able to enjoy these shows in high definition.

Other shows that have a huge following currently are discussed below:

American Dad!

Are you a Showtime fan? If yes, this show is for you.

The show revolves around Stan Smith, a CIA agent dedicated to the security of his homeland. His family comprises of a doting and ditzy wife, a liberal daughter, and a teenaged and socially awkward son. But there’s more to this typical looking American family. find out for yourself!

The Detour

This comedy series is inspired by the personal experiences of Samantha Bee and Jason Jones on family vacations. Jones plans a lifetime adventure, a road trip with wife and kids to Florida. The journey detours soon into some disastrous territory. And the family encounters several hellish turns. The subsequent detours by Parkers are made to Alaska, NYC, and so on.

Last O.G.

15 years in prison didn’t change Tray but changed everything else. After being released, he goes back to the Brooklyn neighborhood that is newly affluent. He is shocked to see how different the world has become. He has two twin sons from his ex-girlfriend Shay. Shay is currently married to a fine white man who is raising the sons with her. The sons, who are now teenagers, grew up in luxury and can’t relate to their father’s hardscrabble upbringing. Tray ends up treading unfamiliar territory to make the ends meet.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee’s correspondence role on the famous “The Daily Show” was more of a warm-up act for her career. After spending 12 years on Comedy Central, she was approached to replace Jon Stewart. That opened a door to her own TBS series. She ended up applying her sharp and satirical viewpoint to the relevant as well as current issues. She unveils her uncanny abilities to give viewers some quality comedy and that can come from an awkward situation. And she seems to have mastered the art of comedy with her wit and humor.

These shows boast of the same quality as shows on TNT, Hallmark Channel, Freeform or any premium channel for that matter. To catch all these amazing shows in high-quality picture and with uninterrupted broadcast, consider subscribing to FiOS. You can pull off a more affordable deal if you bundle up FiOS Internet plans with the TV ones.