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What Channel is QVC on Frontier FiOS

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Quality Value Convenience or QVC is an American TV network loved by shopping lovers. This one-of-a-kind flagship shopping channel has specialized in the art of televised home shopping. The channel came up with a unique concept. And it became such a huge success that many cable TV providers started airing the channel. QVC on FiOS is aired in almost all of the serviced states. It is even available on popular streaming services.

Owned by the famous Qurate Retail Group, QVC is headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It was launched in 1986. The channel is not just popular in the United States. Just like CNN, it has a massive following in many countries. According to Wikipedia, the channel reaches around 350 million households across the seven countries. These include Germany, the UK, Italy, Japan, and others.

Shop Surprises & Delights with QVC on FiOS

Do you know why millions of people trust and shop QVC? They have mastered the art of video storytelling. They offer a pristine, engaging, and unique shopping experience. Also, they are focused to surprise their customers and give them such a quality shopping experience that they can’t help coming back for more. You can explore their curated collections of relatable and high-end products. You can trust them because they swear by the excellence in customer service and narrate authentic stories behind brands and products. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the HBO of the shopping world!

Start following it and you will see comprehensive reviews and user testimonials by real customers who are invited to share their feedback. They go live, and enlighten you to make your shopping decisions easy!

Pertaining to the quality and reliability of the channel, many cable TV providers air the said channel. Find the channel numbers for QVC in various states and cities of the United States in FiOS channel lineup.

City/States QVC QVC2 QVC3


6/506 HD N/A N/A


150/650 HD 150/650 HD 143

Pomona, California

19/503 HD N/A N/A

Palm Springs, California

11/511 HD N/A N/A


10/510 HD 153/653 HD 143

Stream and Shop!

You can stream all QVC channels with Roku and Amazon Fire TV. So, if you are not into the traditional TV experience, you can still catch the channel. It’s as good as watching QVC on FiOS. You can catch up on the latest trends in beauty, fashion, cuisines, and home. Also, You can engage with the program hosts and the invited personalities on the shows. You will love the experience because you are talking to the pros of shopping and they love it as much as you do. If you are streaming it your Apple TV, you can shop off right away!

With streaming apps, you can stream the shows you have missed whenever you want. With Frontier Internet or any stable ISP, you can stream your favorite

Top Shows on QVC

QVC has ramped up the content arsenal with some new and digitally native shows! They are different from the shows you see on Starz. And we love their uniqueness. They are offering a connected experience to the audience in a powerful way by inviting significant personalities, celebs, special guests, industry experts and so on.

These engaging and informative shows will make you forget shows on FOX! From beauty secrets to easy recipes and nifty kitchen hacks, here is a roundup of some amazing shows on QVC.

Getting Real

This video series was actually created for YouTube. It features intimate and relatable videos about the joys and challenges of the lives of all the QVC hosts outside the channel. You will love knowing their dreams and their experiences when they became parents. You will see what music genre on MTV they follow. Also, You will enjoy watching their struggles, accomplishments, and everything in between! 

Jane’s Gift Favorites

Your best show when the holidays begin! You have more time to take enjoy shopping with QVC. You will love this ample time to bake, get entertained, and pay a visit to the classic Christmas attractions. Also, You are going to love your shopping spree with QVC while getting all those gifts for your friends and family. Jane has something for everyone! From NFL jackets and Tarte lip-glosses to scented candles, you are going to find something for your loved ones.

If you are watching QVC with one of the FiOS TV packages, catch the following great shows in HD:

  • One on Wine.
  • Sounds Delicious Cooking Challenge.
  • What’s Your Baggage.
  • Shawn Saves Christmas.
  • The Joy of Toys.
  • Very Merry Black Friday.

These shows are so relatable and entertaining; you will forget all other shows you watch on TNT or any other channel!