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What Channel is OWN on FiOS Frontier?

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Does Oprah Winfrey inspire you? The strong-headed and inspirational woman has a channel to her name. OWN- Oprah Winfrey Network. If this isn’t an achievement, don’t know what is. OWN on FiOS brings to you best live television right to your living room.

Here’s all about the channel, in case you are new to the news.

OWN on FiOS – Unlimited Entertainment & More!

Some of you won’t be aware of the fact that there is a channel to Oprah’s name. Oprah has been a ray of hope for many. She delivered words of encouragement through her talk show. In fact, her talk show- The Oprah Winfrey Show was the highest-rated program that aired from 1986-2011.

The channel OWN is all about bringing unlimited entertainment to viewers as well. It gives the viewers a stellar lineup of original seasons. Not only this but the series and specials that the channel features have a motive behind them- to inspire the viewers. What else could one expect from a ladylike Oprah whose whole life has been a fight to give inspiration to people.

So, if you are looking for motivation and courage, OWN on FiOS is your go-to channel. In case you decide to go with the option (which you most probably will, the following table will help you. It includes the channel lineup. Thus, making it easy for you to see what number is the channel on in different states.

Channel Name States Channel Number


New Jersey 145


Virginia 145


New York 161


Washington 161

The Best Watch on OWN

If you do not know much about the channel, here is a little about some of the best shows on the channel. Not that HBO, Cartoon Network, QVC, Hallmark Channel or Starz offered by the company will not be an option for entertainment. Here are some of the best picks.


If you live for all that drama and spice in life, then you really need to tune in to this show. Directed by the famous Will Packer, this show will leave you craving for more. It is a multigenerational family saga. The story revolves around a single woman who intends to revitalize her marriage. Watch the show to experience a thrilling family drama.

Queen Sugar

This show revolves around the lives of three siblings. Oprah herself is the executive producer for the show. The series is based on the novel that goes by the same name. As amazing as the story of completely different siblings in this show is, equally amazing is the fact that this show has female directors for every episode aired. Probably making it the first show to have so.

The show has a predominantly black cast but that does not raise any issues like class, gender, and culture.

Family or Fiancé

This is a reality show that brings to light the dynamics of eight couples. These couples bring their disapproving families together under one roof for three days. Some of the families are meeting the guy for the first time, let alone the guy’s family. Watch as the drama between the families unfold and what final conclusion do they reach.

SuperSoul Sunday

This rather inspirational series features shows that nourish not just the mind but the body and soul as well. The programs aired offer insight to individuals on how to live their best lives. It aims at targeting the issues that include spirituality, personal fulfillment, and the afterlife. Thus, making it a rather interesting watch.

Subscribing to this channel will bring to you more entertainment than TNT would. But you should be aware of the right TV Channel packages that offer OWN. Otherwise, it will be of no use.

You can even download OWN’s app and watch the channel and the inspirational shows even when on the go.

What’s Cooking Good Looking?

OWN on FiOS does not only air shows but reality shows and documentaries as well. After reading the details about some shows you would have also realized that the nature of the shows is rather serious as well. Because the channel aims at addressing serious issues.

There are a couple of shows in the pipeline that will air on the channel soon. This includes David Makes man. The trailer for the show looks quite promising. Let’s hope the show is actually attention-grabbing as well.

You can visit Verizon’s website to select the best FiOS Internet plans for you. This will allow you to keep yourself busy even when on the go. You might as well get some inspiration on your way to your college or work by watching the shows that air on the channel.

You can even subscribe to other channels including Freeform, ACC Network, and CNN to keep yourself informed regarding the world of sports and news.