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What Channel is NBC on FiOS?

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Although networks like Netflix have an immense amount of entertainment to provide to the viewers, the cable TV channels are still a favorite for many. People who do not resort to the Internet to satisfy their entertainment needs, subscribe to cable services. And channels like NBC on FiOS do justice by providing the right amount of entertainment to the viewers.

In case, you have subscribed to Verizon, you should have a look at the TV packages that the company has to offer. And select the one that fulfills all your entertainment needs.

You should opt for a package that offers NBC and other entertainment channels like Starz.

NBC on FiOS- Providing You with Ultimate Entertainment!

In case you did not know, NBC is home to some of the best shows and documentaries. You won’t find yourself bored even for a second once you tune into the channel. Not only does the channel offers the viewers some of the most engaging seasons, but it also keeps them posted with news and sports. What else could one ask for?

Some of the prominent shows that you will get to watch on NBC on FiOS include:

  • 30 Rock.
  • Abby’s.
  • Access.
  • According to Chrisley.
  • Accident, Suicide or Murder.
  • AM Joy.
  • America’s Got Talent.
  • Average Joe.

After reading the list of some of the many shows that feature on the channel, you might have guessed that the shows are not limited to fiction alone. You will find a mix of documentaries, reality shows, and fiction, all in one place. Apart from that, you can also catch up on what’s happening around the globe. As well as what are the current updates in the world of sports. Not that channels like CNN, BBC, and ESPN are not there to entertain these needs of yours. The NBC Network has a lot to offer to the viewers.

Here’s the FiOS Channel Lineup table for you to make it easy for you to look for NBC in different states.

Channel Name States Channel Number


Dallas, Texas 590


Boston, Massachusetts 504


New York 590


Portland, Oregon 504

However, you must know about the right FiOS package to subscribe to the best channels that Verizon has to offer.

Verizon TV Plans- To Suit Your Needs

Verizon has a number of TV plans to offer to its viewers. Based on your preferences, the company has sorted the plans accordingly. The FiOS TV plans fall under the head of Custom, Traditional and Spanish. So, the names suggest that there is something for everyone to choose from.

Talking about the various plans separately:


The Custom TV plans divide the channels according to your preferred area. You get to choose from the following plans:

  • Action & Entertainment
  • Sports & News
  • Kids & Pop
  • News & Variety
  • Information & Drama
  • Lifestyle & Reality
  • Home & Family

Based on the combination that suits you best, you can pick up a plan and subscribe to it. The above-mentioned plans also include channels like TNT and HGTV.


The traditional plans fall under the following heads:

  • 280+ Channels
  • 350+ Channels
  • 425+ channels
  • 15+ Channels

The last deal is the most basic one. If you subscribe to any of the above-mentioned plans, you will also get access to channels like Showtime.


The company also cares about the Hispanics and to cater to the entertainment needs of that community, Verizon offers special TV plans for them. The plans fall under two categories:

  • 210+ Channels
  • 215+ Channels

You might not be familiar with the Spanish channels but if you wish to learn about the Hispanic culture, you can opt for these plans as well. These also have MTV that airs Latino songs.

Not only does the company offer reasonably priced and widely available TV plans, but there are also Internet packages that you can bring to good use.

Verizon Internet Plans- Watch TV on the Go

If you wish to watch   FOX news or your favorite series on it even when on the go, you should opt for the Verizon Internet plans. In that way, you can access the TV app and watch all the channels including CNBC and shows even when you are traveling. From the many Internet plans that you can choose from are:

  • Browsing
  • Streaming
  • Better Everything

Again, the Internet plans that the company has to offer customized plans for various people. You can choose what pleases you the most when it comes to an Internet connection. And then subscribe accordingly.

You won’t regret subscribing to it as FiOS Internet has been ranked the best in the States for six consecutive years. Which means that you can watch channels like NBC on FiOS without any buffering and interruptions. Hence, saving you the frustration.