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How Millennials are Reshaping the Future of Travel

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Millennial travelers exhibit different travel behaviors and expectations as compared to the rest of the generations. They show different tendencies when it comes to choosing the travel destinations, travel companions. There is a difference in their spending habits while traveling, and preferences for holiday activities. This is because there is a massive number of millennials and the huge range of nationalities they belong to. But, they do have certain similarities, which are fueling the revolution in the travel industry.

Since they have the spending power and they influence other generations, their travel interests need to be catered to. Stakeholders in travel and retail industry should be paying attention to the millennial travel trends.

Let’s talk about it all in detail.

Experience Is Significant

Millennials are always in an inherent need for originality and authenticity, and that is true for all aspects of life including travel. This brings me to one of the striking millennial travel trends. This generational group always craves for uniqueness, and appreciate quality experiences. They might not like to take a 7-day cruise trip to the Bahamas. Because when they travel, they are aiming and expecting to learn, do, see, eat, and experience everything that a particular place has to offer.

Even if a location doesn’t have social media-worthy sunsets, it is bound to offer something unique to catch the attention of this group. So, if you are someone who is running a tourism agency, play with the strengths of the chosen destination. For instance, small towns are typically full of homemade goods, interesting quirks, and spots to get away. While active cities feature facilities with amazing cuisines, easy transportation, and a dynamic nightlife. Add the unique factors to your destinations, so that millennials consider it something worth exploring.

Tech-Savvy Travelers

Millennials have been raised in the digital age. They had exposure to computers and gadgets all their life. These digital natives tend to scrutinize every travel detail on the internet.

According to Expedia, around 49% of the millennials book and plan their itinerary on the smartphones. While around 40% tend to share their travel experiences on social media forums.

They also like to leave online reviews on the hotels and spots that they visited and post photos once they are back. Only a minor percentage of millennials do not update social media while traveling. Make sure that you make experiences and online activities a priority. For people who own hotels and resorts, have an active social media presence and communicate with your visitors in real-time. Also, make sure you provide them Wi-Fi.

Importance Of Reviews

Talking of being tech savvy and looking up travel-related information online, know that millennials tend to do all the research and planning 3 to 4 months prior. But, at the same time, the number of spontaneous travelers is also increasing among millennials. The value of online reviews remains to influence both categories of the millennials. They value the online reviews about a destination, resort, or spot from their friends and family.

They also consider the recommendations of locals because they focus on the real feel of the place. It is evident that the word-of-mouth promotion is the best; still, maintaining communications on social media can help in your business. Promoting local residents through blog posts or sharing their reviews on social media is a good practice.

Last but not the least, tailoring to the travel needs of every traveler, based on their spending interests is also a good idea.

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