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How Fast is Frontier Internet?

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How fast is Frontier Internet? This is a common subscription question floating around in the ISP marketplace today.

And for good reason.

As per most industry estimates:

Frontier Communications provides high-speed internet coverage to over 43 million people.

This figure includes approximately 33.1 million DSL users. Along with over 10 million fiber-optic internet subscribers. For business customers, the company also offers its dedicated ‘copper line’ internet plans.

These stats make the company the:

  • 3rd largest Fiber-optic
  • 4th largest DSL

Services provider in America.

So it is only natural why a lot of people might be curious about the service.

A large subscriber-base, after all, warrants some looking into. Because a company can’t boast these numbers without delivering. And on some serious quality!

Something that is a given.

So How Fast is Frontier Internet?

Before we go on to answer this question, it’s important to break down the service structure. The company offers its internet provisions in three broad categories:

  1. Frontier Internet (up to 25 Mbps in Downloading Speeds)
  2. Vantage™ Internet (up to 200 Mbps)
  3. FiOS Internet (up to up to 1 Gig)

If you’ve any experience with home internet services, you’ll understand. How very great these speeds are, that is. But if you don’t, here’s a brief account of what each service category delivers.

The company’s premier internet service provision is good for:

  • Use on 7+ devices at the same time
  • Intensive HD Video Streaming & Gaming
  • Downloading up to 10 quality song files in 8 seconds!

Frontier High-Speed Internet generally comes in four different service plans. But their availability can vary with location. The same is true of every package offer detailed in this blog.

Vantage Internet – An Overview

The Vantage Internet offer is perfect for:

  • Use on 10+ devices at the same time
  • Downloading a TV show episode in 2 minutes
  • Attaining 10 song files in less than 10 seconds!

Vantage Internet is generally arranged in four different service formats. Spread out in 12, 18, 25 and 45 Mbps (max speed) packages.

But based on location, you can also get the ‘up to 200 Mbps’ offer. A good way to determine this would be to call on the customer helpline number mentioned on top of this page.

FiOS Internet: a ‘Fiber-Optic’ Miracle

The FiOS Internet service works through the company’s high-end fiber-optic network. Meaning that you (as a subscriber) get to enjoy some of the fastest bandwidth speeds in the business. And right in your home space!

With FiOS Internet, you can:

  • Power up 8+ devices at the same time
  • Have Fun with Heavy HD Video Streaming
  • Indulge in Fast-paced Gaming Sessions
  • Download an Entire Music Album in Less than a Second!

You can enjoy this blazing internet offer through four different plan arrangements. Spread out in 50, 100, 200 and 300 Mbps (max speed) packages. You can also sign-up for the 1 Gig plan – depending on where you live.

So if people ask you the how fast is Frontier Internet, point them towards FiOS. Because internet speeds don’t get any faster than this! And especially not if you’re a home user…

A Direct Line Means You Don’t Need to Share

The company’s Vantage, and FiOS internet offers come with direct home lines. This means that you don’t have to share your internet connection. With anyone in your neighborhood. Something which makes way for blazing download speeds at all times of the day & night.

Pretty cool.

Especially if you’re someone who likes to stream a lot of high definition movies and TV shows. On online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

This feature is different from what you get on the service plans from other ISPs. Which layout connection lines in whole streets and neighborhoods. Divided among all the people living in the locality.

This causes net bandwidth speeds to plummet during high rush hours. In the 12 pm to 9 pm timeframe (mostly).

But with the company’s service packages, you don’t need to suffer from these failings.

And you can count on enjoying your paid service to the max. At whatever time that you fancy!

How fast is Frontier Internet? Trust us…it isn’t any slower than The Flash!

Foolproof Network Reliability

In today’s America, you don’t get a more reliable internet service network than Frontier.

The company’s DSL, Cable, and Fiber-Optic networks work in over 38 states. Which is most of the country. And they have a reputation of ensuring uninterrupted service for their users.

So if you’ve got one of the company’s high-speed internet plans, you can leave your worries out the door. Because trust us, you won’t need to bother with them anymore.

Not when you’ve also got a terrific customer services staff always ready to assist you. Should you ever encounter any service issues. Or you’re interested in a speed upgrade!