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What Channel is HGTV on FiOS

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Do you have an eye for home improvement projects? Apart from watching drama TV Series on Fox or listening to music on MTV, you must always crave for home improvement shows. Then HGTV on FiOS deserves your attention. It is America’s leading channel in home and lifestyle programming. It’s viewed by more than 99 million households in the U.S.

HGTV on FiOS – Nonstop Home Improvement Entertainment

HGTV (Home and Garden Television) is owned by Discovery, Inc. The network broadcasts programs related to home improvement and real estate. It is also the 3rd most-watched cable channel in the USA after Fox News and ESPN. Although the primary focus of the network is to help you renovate your home and backyard, it can also inspire you to come up with interesting DIY ideas.

Shows on buying a home, renovation, and home filliping are everyone’s favorite. Content like this is not easy to create especially when it’s the matter of keeping the interest of viewers intact. HGTV takes things seriously and that’s why it invested approximately $400 million annually in 2016 on original programming.

To find out the channel number for HGTV in your state, check out this Frontier channel lineup:

Channel Name States Channel Number
HGTV California 165/665HD


Texas 165/665HD


Florida 165/665HD


Indiana 165/665HD


Washington 165/665HD

Popular Shows on HGTV to Tune Into Right Now

You will lose track of time watching HGTV on FiOS just like when you are watching ShowTime. The shows are interesting, entertaining and you always end up learning something. Can’t decide what to watch? Here’s a list of 4 most popular shows on the network:

  1. Fixer Upper: Chip and Joanna Gaines turn dilapidated houses into showplaces throughout the neighborhoods in central Texas. Chip (the husband) manages construction whereas Joanna (the wife) is the lead designer.
  2. Property Brothers: It’s a Canadian reality TV series featuring fraternal twin brothers – Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. Drew is a real estate expert who hunts down neglected houses and negotiates their price. Jonathon is a licensed contractor who renovates houses. Together they transform these properties into dream homes on a strict budget and timeline. You will get hooked watching them. If you love watching sports programs on TNT, you will understand how it feels.
  3. House Hunters: It’s a series that helps home buyers understand the process of buying a property. You are taken behind the scenes to have a deep look at how couples, individuals, and families search for a home with the help of real estate agents.
  4. Love it or list it: This show helps fed up homeowners to decide whether to renovate their home or sell it. Realtor, David Visentin, and designer, Hilary Farr, compete for the final decision of the homeowners to either stay with the house or let it go. It’s very interesting to see both of these individuals compete and help the owners make a tough decision.

Whenever you feel like watching something other than HGTV on FiOS, simply tune into shows on other networks or watch the news on CNN.

Customize your Experience with FiOS TV Plans

Don’t have a subscription to FiOS? These are some of the traditional TV channel packages to choose from:

  • Preferred HD: You will get access to 295+ channels and 105+ being HD. The price of this plan starts at $74.99 per month.
  • Extreme HD: You will get access to 365+ channels and 130+ being HD. The price of this plan starts at $79.99 per month.
  • Ultimate HD: You will get access to 245+ channels and 160+ being HD. The price of this plan starts at $89.99 per month.

You can add premium channels of your choice like HBO and Cinemax to any FiOS TV package as well. Even if there’s just one premium channel that you like to watch, you can add it in your plan.

Looking for something other than the traditional TV plan? Go for the FiOS custom TV plan. This plan allows you to pay for the channels you like only. You can include only those channels that you watch whether CNBC, ABC, BBC America or any other network. You will get to watch so much more than just HGTV on FiOS.

Perks with FiOS TV Plans

  • On-demand: You will get thousands of on-demand titles for free. After subscribing to a plan, use your remote to negative the on-demand menu and start watching the program you like. Watch your favorite TV series on rerun. Best of all, you can find the latest releases, too.
  • FiOS TV app: With every FiOS TV plan, you will get access to the FiOS TV app. That means watching TV won’t just be limited to home, you can binge-watch shows on STARZ, Discovery on your smart devices as well. It’s easy to use and it has a great interface. The app also allows you to set the DVR from the phone.

If you are happy with Frontier Internet plans, FiOS TV plans will not disappoint you either. Subscribe now to watch HGTV on FiOS along with other popular networks.