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What Channel is Golf Channel on FiOS Frontier?

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One of the best things about traditional cable TV is that it provides a good number of sports channels and we get to see all our favorite sports. From Football and Cricket to Golf and Baseball, they ensure broadcasting all the major events of all the sports happening across the globe! For instance, Golf Channel on FiOS airs all the golf tournaments in high definition.

Sports is a priority of the subscribers of cable TV providers. And if you are a subscriber of Frontier, you have got most of the sports covered. And not just sports, you’ll have your plate full. From channel which air movies and shows to channels like SEC Network, HGTV they have got it all covered.

Stay put to know about the sports coverage especially Golf with the said provider.

Golf Channel on FiOS – Catch the Live-Action

Golf Channel, also known as Golf is an American pay-TV network that essentially focuses on the coverage of golf. Owned by NBC Universal’s subsidiary, NBC Sports Group, the channel covers live golf tournaments and airs instructional and factual programming. It also hots the franchise called Golf Films. These are a collection of biographical movies, which are produced independently. They center around the legends, key figures, and historical events of the sports of golf.

With a subscription to one of the Frontier Internet packages, you get to watch all this content in HD picture quality. The channel is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Subscription TV providers have made it possible for viewers to access this channel in Canada, United States, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and many other countries.

Golf Channel Number – Tune Right into the Channel

Around 79,250,000 American households have access to Golf Channel. This makes approximately 68.1% of houses in the United States (which own a TV). About 84,000 people tune into the said channel every day.

Check out the following Golf channel number for various states and enjoy the content in high resolution.

Channel Name City/State Channel Number
Golf Channel Indiana 304/593 HD
Golf Channel Washington 304/593 HD
Golf Channel Florida 93/593 HD
Golf Channel California 93/593 HD
Golf Channel Texas 93/593 HD
Golf Channel Oregon 304/593 HD

Golf Channel on Frontier – Event Coverage

Golf Channel is the rights holder of the entire PGA Tour. It broadcasts live coverage of the early rounds. It also airs the early window coverage of all the weekend rounds before the TV networks cover the events. There are some events, which are entirely aired by Golf channel alone. Some names are early-season sports events like the former Fall Series and other alternate events, which are held against majors.

The channel airs primetime encores of the daily coverage. This includes network TV broadcasts from CBS or NBC where applicable. Golf Channel also covers PGA Tour Champions as well as Korn Ferry Tour events. Other events, which it covers are European Tour, Asian Tour, LPGA Tour, and so on. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the National Geographic, Galavision of the sports of golf.

Alongside NBC, the channel is covering Solheim Cup, Ryder Cup and the NCAA Division of men & women’s golf championships. It has served formerly as a secondary partner in subscription of the Gold Association of the United States. It covered its amateur tournaments. Since 2016, it has been broadcasting the early-round coverage of golf competitions of Summer Olympics and The Open Championship. With Golf Channel on FiOS, you can watch all of these grand events in pristine picture quality and assess the accuracy of shots as much as you like.

Shows Which Deserve a Separate Mention

Yes, these are not like the shows, which you watch on Showtime. But they are amazing in their own way. The channel is not about just live coverage, sports news, and controversies between players. It also airs some interesting shows. Some of which are as follows.

  • The Big Break.
  • In-Play with Jimmy Roberts.
  • Fore Inventors Only.
  • NBC Olympic broadcasts.
  • NHL on NBC.
  • Inside the PGA Tour.
  • Arnie.
  • Being John Daly.
  • Golf in America.
  • Down the Stretch.
  • US Open Championship.

With one of the FiOS TV Plans, you get to watch them in high definition and enjoy them to the fullest! The following are some special picks, which are loved by viewers.

Golf Central

Golf Central is the flagship news program of the channel. You will get to watch all the highlights from the major world events and golf tours. It also includes reports, reviews, and features from the tournament sites. To have a quick glance at all the golf-related events, this is your go-to show!


David Feherty is a popular golf commentator for the channels like NBC, CBS, Weather Channel and Golf Channel. He is a born and bred Irishman. Became an American citizen back in 2010. He usually just says whatever comes into his zany mind, filled with anecdotes. And that’s exactly the trait that has made him this popular. More like an MTV host, the guy is thoroughly entertaining.

The show is more like a prime-time series and the host conducts interviews with well-known entertainment, sports, or political figures. He shares his unique and one-of-a-kind golf stories alongside his signature observations on the peculiarities of life.

Highway 18

Premiered in 2008 on Golf Channel, it is a popular reality TV game show. The host, Keri Murphy makes the show a delight. It is set in Florida and is one of the most famous shows on the channel.

To catch Golf Channel on Frontier, scrutinize your options and pick a plan that suits you the best!