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What Channel is Galavisión on FiOS Frontier?

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Majority of the channels that we come across are purely English. Subscribers belonging to another nationality have to subscribe to a specified International package to watch channels in their language. Galavision on FiOS is a US-based Spanish channel aimed at entertaining the Latinos. Owned by Univision Communications, Inc., the channel currently pleases 58.7% of the households in States.

Galavision Channel on Frontier- Home to Spanish Entertainment

While many people think that the Galavision network is the same as the Mexican channel that goes by the exact name. However, this is not true. The two are different. Starting in 1979, the channel used to broadcast a mix of classic Mexican and other Spanish language movies. Apart from that, the channel also aired the Spanish dubbed Hollywood movies for the Latinos to understand.

While that was the beginning for the channel, by 2000, Galavision aired a combination of late-night shows, classic comedy, and telenovelas. Galavision on FiOS pleases the Spanish community with all that the channel currently offers. You will relish watching a variety of shows.

You might be curious as to all that the channel offers. While that will be discussed later in the blog, the following FiOS channel lineup table will help you find Galavision easily in each state.

Channel Name States Channel Number


Texas 274


Florida 274


California 274


Washington 274

Galavision on FiOS – A Wide Range of Shows

From sports and news to telenovelas, Galavision has an immense range to offer to the viewers. You will find shows in many genres. Some of the popular ones are as follows:

Sports and News Programming

Galavision Channel on Frontier covers soccer matches produced by Televisa. However, like before, it does not show any reference to Televisa. Instead, Galavision supplants the feed with Univision’s graphics and announcers. In earlier days, this is not how the operations took place. Earlier, Galavision used the whole of Televisa’s feed with a generic green Galavision logo.

The sports programming airs Formula 1, Liga MX and UEFA Champions League.

When it comes to news programming, Galavision does not have any of its own. Instead, the channel airs the news from Televisa’s networks. These include Gala TV, FOROtv and Canal de las Estrellas.

You will have to subscribe to Frontier FiOS Internet (1-844-813-5884) if you want to have constant access to the sports live action.

Comedy Programming

Many comedy shows in Spanish will keep you accompanied if you are tired of what you usually watch on Weather, Comedy Central, Golf Channel. Some of the prominent shows include:

El Chavo

Not only did this show gain popularity in Latin America, but it is a hit amongst people in Spain and the United States as well. This sitcom revolves around the story of a poor orphan who goes with the nickname El Chavo. As you continue watching you will love to laugh at the adventures and tribulations of this character on the Galavision channel number in your state.


This is a sketch comedy show that first aired in Mexico. The show gets its name from the lead character’s (Roberto Gomez Bolanos) nickname. The show aired in two different periods. The first one was from 1968-1973. While the second period was from 1980-1995.

This show revolved around the sketches of famous actors from the Spanish world including Los Caquitos, El Ciudadano Gómez and Dr. Chapatín. They starred in the parodies of famous characters including Laurel and Hardy and Chaplin.

La Parodia

It is a Mexican parody television series. The cast for this famous parody show originally consisted of Arath de la Torre, Gisella Aboumrad and Angelica Vale. However, after Vale left the show, Roxana Castellanos replaced her as the female parodist. The series created parodies of prominent pop-culture themes, telenovelas and films from the Mexican world.

If you think that the channel is not sufficient to entertain you, you can always tune into MTV or SEC Network, AMC.

Children’s Programming

The channel also features a show for the children to watch.

Planeta Burbujas

This show features characters that go by the name of bubbles. The characters get involved in not so ordinary situations and the stories that they narrate take the children to another world. The chilling characters also make the little ones care less about the world around them. It is a rather refreshing show for little ones.

However, you always have channels like Showtime to provide you with adult entertainment as well at the time when the kids’ show is on. And you do not feel like watching it.

Skip to Galavision Channel Number for Diversified Content

Galvision provides the viewers with a diversified range of content. From dance shows to comedy shows to telenovelas, you will find it all on this channel. As if the shows currently playing on the channel were not enough, there are some new ones to look forward to.

You will be able to enjoy Mujer de Madera from August 28, 2019. Apart from that, Palabra de Mujer will start airing from September 9, 2019. All you need to have is the best Frontier TV channel package (1-844-813-5884) that offers Galvision, and your entertainment’s sorted.