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What Channel is FX on FiOS Frontier

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FX Network- a prominent name when it comes to entertainment. Although almost all the cable service providers offer the channels that are a part of the network, FX on FiOS will be a better option. Because you will get access to other premium channels including HBO and TNT.

FX on FiOS- Your Entertainment Dose’s Sorted

Owned by Walt Disney Television, FX Network (formerly known as FX) is entertaining the audiences since 1994. The network goes with the slogan ‘Fearless’ and airs some of the most entertaining shows and movies.

You will find a separate channel dedicated to movies that go with the name FX Movie Channel. Other sister channels include FXX, FXM, Galavision, Disney Channel and Disney Junior. Apart from that, National Geographic, Freeform and Nat Geo Wild are also sister channels to FX.

FX Network is available in various countries including Canada, Turkey, and the Middle East. You can even choose to stream it on online streaming platforms including YouTube, Sling TV, and Play Station Vue. Or if you are living in the States, you can opt for FX on FiOS.

The availability of this network and the associated channels in various states by channel number is listed below.

FX Channel Number- Your Easy Guide

Swapping channels in search of the one that you wish to watch at a particular moment can be annoying and tiring. A person may decide to settle for the not so favorite channel just to save himself the effort and time to find the right one.

But worry not, we have made it easy for you to find the FX channel number in various states. The following table will serve as a comprehensive guide.

Channel Name States Channel Number
FX Texas 53/553HD
FX Florida 53/553HD
FX California 53/553HD

If you wish to find channel numbers for other channels like CNBC, Weather Channel and ABC on Frontier, you can visit the company’s website.

Shows and Movies that FX on Frontier Offer

As mentioned earlier, FX airs some of the most intriguing shows and movies. Wait till you get introduced to the list of some of them.

TV Shows

Better Things

This is a story about a single mother who also happens to an actor. She has the responsibility of raising three daughters upon her shoulders. The family lives in Los Angeles and Sam (the single mother) also has to look after her mother. Although Sam’s mother lives across the street, she is in constant worry about her. Sam’s mother is an English expatriate.

The role that Sam assumes as a single mother asks of her to keep the family bonded. And for that, she approaches every challenge thrown her way with honesty, humor, and love. If you subscribe to FX on Frontier, you will get to watch this emotional yet hilarious show.

You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst takes a modern approach towards love and life. The show narrates the events from the eyes of two individuals who have not been lucky in love or life. Watching the show will tell you that it is a story about a mix of emotions including fear, romance, friendship and the love for food. However, it is a dark twist to the genre of romantic comedy.

You can relish watching it on both Cable and Internet depending on the platform you choose for yourself.


This show is set in 1984 when crack cocaine was spreading like wildfire in LA. This spread is responsible for the change of culture in the area forever. From police to local law enforcement bodies, everyone was trying to deal with this epidemic. However, some bad characters were trying that the supply of cocaine to LA does not stop. Snowfall narrates that whole scenario in a rather interesting way.

In case, you do not want to miss watching any of the show’s episodes even when on the go, subscribe to FiOS Internet packages. It will allow you to watch FXNOW (app for FX Network) and not miss out on your favorite shows or movies. You can even use the Internet service to watch other channels online including Golf Channel, MTV and EPIX.



Starring Robert De Niro, Milla Jovovich and Edward Norton, Stone is a story about a convicted arsonist. And how he arranges for his wife to seduce the lawman when he fails to get an early release.

The Girl on the Train

Starring Rebecca Ferguson, Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux and Luke Evans, the Girl on the Train narrates the story about a woman suffering from alcoholism.

Now that you are familiar with the shows and movies that feature of FX, you should just subscribe to the right Frontier TV packages and choose the channels that you want to opt for. You can choose from an array of channels including HGTV, SEC Network, and FOX, apart from FX of course.

For your convenience, the FX channel number table is added as well. The best part is that all FiOS TV packages including Prime, Extreme and Ultimate offer FX channel. So, you can subscribe to any.