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Frontier Cable TV Channels Lineup

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If you’re a Frontier Cable TV subscriber, then listen up! You’ve probably already scrolled through your plan’s channels lineup. And if that’s the case, then there’s really no reason to feel ashamed. Not when you have some of the most diverse channel options available to tune in to (in the country). Whether it’s sports or entertainment (TV Shows or Movies). News, religion or educational stations. Everything’s covered!

In this post, you’ll get a broad overview of the Frontier Cable TV service. Along with information on popular channel lineups offered in the populous states of:

  • California (FiOS TV)
  • Illinois (Vantage TV)

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know which Frontier cable TV channel to turn to. Through your remote controller.

Because time, as they say, is valuable. And you really don’t want to spend it flicking from one station to the next. To get to the channel that you actually want to watch!

This guide will help you win – regularly – on this front.

Frontier Cable TV – A Brief Overview

Frontier Cable TV plans are broadly divided into the two service categories of:

  • FiOS TV
  • Vantage TV

FiOS TV plans work through state-of-the-art fiber-optic networks. The Vantage TV service, in contrast, makes use of the company’s traditional cable linkages.

If you’re currently a Vantage TV subscriber and want to enjoy full HD displays, then sign-up for FiOS. In this way, you’re guaranteed the very ultimate in home entertainment. And never a boring moment – at any time of the day or night!


With the FiOS Advantage, you can choose from one of the following Frontier TV packages:


128 SD/HD Channels + MUSIC CHOICE + Local Channels


175 SD/HD Channels + MUSIC CHOICE + Local Channels


253 SD/HD Channels + MUSIC CHOICE + Local Channels


Custom TV Essentials (73 SD/HD Channels) + Local Channels (excluding Regional Sports Channels)


119 SD/HD Channels + MUSIC CHOICE + Local Channels

Please note that the MUSIC CHOICE feature requires Frontier Internet availability.

FiOS TV plans can work with one or more of the following subscriptions – for added fun!

  • Premium Channels:

Movie Package (46 SD/HD Movie Channels)

Including the likes of Flix, IndiePlex, RetroPlex, Showtime, HBO, Starz, and The Movie Channel


Premiums (28 SD/HD Premium Stations)

Including the likes of HBO, Cinemax, and Epix

  • Spanish Language: 68 SD/HD Spanish Language Stations
  • Sports Pass: 14 SD/HD Sports Stations
  • International: Arabic, Armenian, Balkan, Brazilian, Cambodian, Chinese, Chinese- Cantonese, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, South Asian, South Asian – Punjabi, and Vietnamese Language Channels.

The following service features are common to all FiOS TV packages.

  • 150,000+ Video on Demand Titles (Movies & TV Shows)
  • Netflix Integration (instant & unlimited Movies & TV Shows streaming)
  • FrontierTV App (On-Demand and live TV shows; DVR recordings)
  • Channel 131 (Self-Help Videos Access)   
  • Add Premium Channels to your Plan (HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and Epix)
  • Sign-up for NHL Center Ice, NBA League Pass, MLS Direct Kick, and MLB Extra Innings
  • Local Channels SD/HD included in every FiOS TV Plan (20 in L.A OR 61 in Palm Springs + 8 Regional Sports Channels)

FiOS TV Channels Lineup

In the state of California, the FiOS TV Channels lineup is broadly arranged as follows.

Channels Category Channels No./Range
Local  Stuff 1-49 (SD); 501-549 (HD)
Local Plus 460-499 (SD)

Local Public/Education/Government

(different with location)

15–47 (SD)
Entertainment 50–69 (SD); 550–569 (HD)
Sports 70–99 & 300–319 (SD); 570–599 (HD)
News 100–119 (SD); 600–619 (HD)
Education 120–139 (SD); 620–639 (HD)
Home & Leisure/Marketplace 140–179 (SD); 640–679 (HD)
Pop Culture 180–199 (SD); 680–699 (HD)
Music 210–229 (SD); 710–729 (HD)
Movies/Family 230–249 (SD); 730–749 (HD)
Kids 250–269 (SD); 780–789 (HD)
People & Culture 270–279 (SD)
Religion 280–299 (SD)
Premium Movies 340–449 (SD); 840–949 (HD)
Pay Per View/Subscription Sports 1000–1499
Spanish Language 1500–1760
Digital Music 1800–1900

[Taken from official company guide – effective from November 2018]

Some Popular Channel Numbers –

  1. Showtime: 365 (SD); 865 (HD)
  2. Starz: 340 (SD); 840 (HD)
  3. The Movie Channel: 385 (SD); 885 (HD)
  4. HBO: 400 (SD); 899 (HD)
  5. Cinemax: 420 (SD); 920 (HD)
  6. Epix: 395 (SD); 895 (HD)

Vantage TV

With Vantage TV, you can take your pick from one of the following plans:


125 Channels + MUSIC CHOICE + Local Channels


Includes Everything in VANTAGE TV PRIME + 30 Channels


Includes Everything in VANTAGE TV EXTREME + 75 Channels


54 Channels + MUSIC CHOICE + Local Channels (excluding regional sports stations)


Includes Everything in VANTAGE TV PRIME + SPANISH LANGUAGE Package (36 Channels)

All Vantage TV plans share the following service features.

  • 40, 000+ On-Demand Movie & TV Show Titles to Choose From
  • 2-Year Monthly Price Guarantee
  • Frontier TV Everywhere App
  • 17 Local Channels Offered in Every TV Plan (Peoria – Bloomington)

Vantage TV Channels Lineup

Vantage TV provides a more affordable home entertainment experience.

Some of its more popular Frontier Channel lineup (for the state of Illinois) is in the table below.

Channel Name Channel Number
A&E 132
Animal Planet 252
Cartoon Network 325
CNN 202
Discovery Channel 120
ESPN 602
Fox News 210
Hallmark Channel 117
MTV 502
National Geographic Channel 265
OWN 170
VH1 518
NFL Network 630
Cinemax 832
EPIX 891
FLIX 890
HBO 802
Showtime 852
Starz 902
TMC 882
BET 148

Well, that’s about it!

With the great variety of channels on offer from Frontier, you’ll never be at a loss. For some instant, heart-pumping, entertainment. What’s more, you’ll probably be inviting all your friends over for a movie night. Or even going out of your way to entertain the whole extended family.

Because there’s something for everyone here. A point you should understand by now – if you’ve been reading this piece.

From start to finish!