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Free Nintendo Switch Online Service with Twitch Prime

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According to a recent announcement, a free Switch Online membership is available for anyone who is interested. Twitch Prime is part of the premium Twitch experience. Twitch is arguably the YouTube of gaming. The streaming platform is a huge favorite among serious and amateur gamers. It features expert and casual gamers streaming their gameplay from popular games like Dota2, Fortnite, CS GO, and many more. With the latest development, Twitch has announced a free Nintendo Switch Online membership with every Twitch Prime subscription. Read on to find more about this offer.

Free 1-Year Switch Online Membership

With a premium Twitch Prime subscription, you get a free year-long membership to Switch Online. A Twitch Prime membership currently costs around $10.99 per month or around $132 per year. With a subscription, members now get access to 1 free year of Switch Online. A Nintendo Switch Online membership currently costs $19.99 per month or $240 per year. If you have a Twitch Prime or Amazon Prime membership, you will automatically get the free membership tacked onto your subscription. Put your Frontier online deals to use and get the best of both worlds with high-speed internet.

How does Membership Work?

The streaming platform has structured the Switch Online membership into two segments. You get 3 months of free Switch Online with your new or current Twitch Prime subscription. After a period of 60 days, subscribers can claim the remaining 9 months of their free membership. Twitch has made it clear this offer is open to both existing customers as well as new ones. The rationale behind the 2-part structure is presumably simple. The three-month segment means customers won’t just get a subscription for a year of Switch Online and then bail. Twitch clearly does not want any single month subscribers.

Is It Worth It?

Twitch is owned by Amazon, which means it’s premium membership stacks with Amazon Prime. Meaning you can get your free 1-year Switch online subscription with both Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime. An Amazon Prime membership currently costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year. Clearly, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, it is worth it all the way to claim your free Switch Online membership. However, it’s not worth it to sign up for Twitch Prime just for the Switch Online membership. You will need to pay for at least 2 months to get the full Switch membership. If you’re already paying for Amazon Prime, there’s no extra cost just for Switch.

Is Nintendo Switch a Good Platform?

A Nintendo Switch Online membership, as mentioned above, currently costs $19.99 per month. The new Twitch Prime offer covers current Switch, Online subscribers, adding a free 1-year membership to their existing subscription. Switch Online helps users connect to online multiplayer modes for popular Nintendo games. It also saves your game data on the cloud. A Switch Online subscription also grants you access to Nintendo’s classic NES (Nintendo Entertainment Systems) games library.

The Bottom Line

Twitch has set down 2 deadlines for claiming your free memberships. The first deadline is on the 24th of September, 2019, for the first 3-month segment of your subscription. The second deadline to claim the remaining 9 months is 28th of January, 2020. Once the first 3-month segment has expired, your membership to Nintendo Switch Online will automatically renew itself for the next 3 months for $7.99. This is common with most subscription-based services including FiOS internet plans. To avoid any nasty surprises, be sure to turn off automatic renewals at least 48 hours before the 24th of September. You can claim the rest of your membership separately.