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What Channel is Fox on FiOS?

in Entertainment

Entertainment is the key to relieving the daylong tiredness. Subscribing to cable services like Frontier can then be a blessing. And if you know exactly what Fox on FiOS, you do not have to worry about an entertainment packed night. You can just hit the couch, without wasting much time tune into the Fox Network, and choose the type of movie best suits your then mood. Whether you are up for sports or want to catch up on the news, Fox has you covered. All you need to do is subscribe to the right Frontier package.

In case, you are not aware of the company’s offerings and the entertainment package that Fox Network is, here’s your comprehensive guide.

Frontier Services- TV Packages that You Want

If you subscribe to the Frontier cable service, you get access to DISH as well as FiOS TV offered by the company. You can choose between the two as per your requirements.

Here’s all that you get as a part of these Frontier service TV packages.


As part of the FiOS TV package this is all that you will subscribe yourself to:

  • FiOS programming options– With FiOS TV you will get access to over 400 channels. The list includes Fox and the other channels from the Fox Network among other channels. You will also be able to access the regional programming if you opt for FiOS TV. This means that FiOS has something to offer to everyone. In addition to this, HD channels are a part of all FiOS TV packages. So, you do not have to worry about not getting the best of entertainment at a high-quality picture. Whether a package falls under the low price category or is a high priced one, the picture quality is not compromised on any.
  • FiOS DVR- This is the big thing in the entertainment world. The DVR. It allows you to control the shows your way. You can customize your TV watching experience through the DVR. It allows you to play, pause or rewind a recorded show as many times as you please.
  • Frontier TV Everywhere App- The app allows you to have access to Frontier TV channels even when you are on the go. You can also access the Fox Network on the app. All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection.


If you opt for DISH TV, you will be in for a lot of surprises. This is all that the service offers:

  • Access to over 290 channels.
  • An On-Demand library that allows you to select from over 20,000 movies and shows.
  • DISH Anywhere app.

Fox Channels on FiOS

Opting for any of the services mentioned above will give you access to the Fox Network. In case you are wondering what Fox on FiOS, here’s a guide for you.

Channel Name Channel Number
Fox College Sports Atlantic 300
Fox College Sports Central 301
Fox College Sports Pacific 302
Fox Deportes 311
Fox Soccer Plus 816
Fox Sports Arizona 818
Fox Sports South 819
Fox Sports Detroit 820
Fox Sports Florida 821
Fox Sports Midwest 822
Fox Sports Prime Ticket 823
Fox Sports San Diego 824
Fox Sports Southeast 825
Fox Sports West 828
Fox Sports Wisconsin 829
Fox Sports Ohio 830
Fox Soccer Plus 1009
Fox Deportes 1521
Fox News Channel 1543
Fox Business Network 1547
Fox Life 1582
Fox Sports 2  84/584 HD
Fox Business Network 117/617 HD
Fox News 118/618 HD
Fox Sports 1 83/583 HD

From sports to news to movies and shows, you will find it all on Fox. If you were not familiar with the network and what it offers, here’s a little sneak-peek for you. So, if you know Fox on FiOS channel number, you can skip to the desired one from the network and entertain yourself. Also, some of the Premium channels that are a part of the Frontier service include CNN, ESPN, and Showtime.

Fox Business- Investors’ Best Friend

If the trading interest you or you wish to invest in commodities, Fox Business is the place to be at. You can tune into the channel where you can get the live updates regarding the stock market. Or you can even check the channel’s website out. You will get access to all the essential business and finance related news here.

If you have downloaded the app, it will be even better as you can keep yourself posted everywhere and anywhere. It’s your key to all the significant updates related to the world of finance. You can get information regarding the economy, the healthcare sector, the energy sector, and even the industrial sector. Apart from that, you can also educate yourself regarding the financial situation.

Fox News- What’s Going Around?

Whether it’s the local politics or the happenings around the world, Fox News keeps you updated about it all. You do not have to subscribe to gazillion different apps or news channels to catch up with the latest news. Fox News brings to you the latest and the most authentic news.

It also features talk shows that are not just informative but also give you the motivation to think. They enhance the thinking ability of an individual. When you see the individuals debating about the various current issues, it becomes an exciting way of learning about historical events as well.

Fox Sports 1- Heaven for Sports Fanatics

If you recognize yourself as a Sports lover, you will never be disappointed by tuning into Fox Sports 1. Or any other sports channel that the Fox Network has to offer. From NFL to MLB, you can catch up on all the exciting games while you sit with your group of friends. Or are on the go. There is a sports update for everyone. You can even choose to tune into a boxing match and enjoy the intense action. The options are just unlimited.

Fox Life

If you subscribe to Fox Network on your Frontier service, you will also get access to shows and movies on Fox Life. Not only this, but you will even get access to beauty shows, home décor programs, and other lifestyle-related shows. The channel is your tutorial for many things apart from being your source of entertainment. Apart from the Fox Network, Frontier Channel Lineup have a lot of variety to offer. The list is long and has some of the best channels.