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What Channel is EPIX on FiOS?

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Do you know what the slogan of EPIX is? It’s “Have We Got a Story For You”! And rightly so. EPIX on FiOS is aired as a premium channel in pristine quality. The channel is known for its quality content that includes original movies, original documentaries, original series, and stand-up specials. Just like TNT, it also airs motion pictures, which are theatrically released. Launched first in 2009, EPIX is one of the most-watched premium TV channels. Some even prefer it on HBO.

EPIX is a premium satellite and cable TV network owned by the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It is the youngest when it comes to premium TV networks in the United States but is delivering quality like no other. Currently, President Michael Wright is leading it. Some of the major names in the category of new series are Pennyworth, Godfather of Harlem, Deep State, and so on. Just like people who can’t live without news watch CNN, that’s how entertainment lovers watch EPIX!

Let’s know more about the said channel and what it has to offer.

EPIX on FiOS – Why is FiOS the Right Choice?

Now you can make any night your movie night. Make your favorite snacks, invite friends and family over and enjoy binge-watching your favorite movies and shows. With EPIX on FiOS, you can also watch from a massive selection of On Demand titles whenever you want. The channel has three multiplex channels and almost every video programming distributor in the country airs them. They are offered as an essential part of ala carte movie tiers or as premium services. With a FiOS TV package, you can add EPIX as a premium channel offering in addition to others like Starz.

With Frontier TV packages, you get to have affordable billing schedules, smooth broadcasts, and HD picture quality. The service coverage area is huge and you can easily customize your package and have all your favorite channels.

Check out FiOS channel lineup for EPIX channels in various states.

Channel Name City/State Channel Number
EPIX California 395/895 HD
EPIX 2 California 896 HD
EPIX Washington 395/895 HD
EPIX W Washington 898 HD
EPIX 2 Washington 396/896 HD
EPIX Drive-In Washington 397
EPIX HITS Washington 897 HD
EPIX Texas 395/895 HD
EPIX 2 Texas 896
EPIX Florida 395/895 HD
EPIX 2 Florida 896 HD
EPIX Indiana 395/895 HD
EPIX W Indiana 898 HD
EPIX 2 Indiana 396/896 HD
EPIX Drive-In Indiana 397
EPIX HITS Indiana 897 HD
EPIX Oregon 395/895 HD
EPIX W Oregon 898 HD
EPIX 2 Oregon 396/896 HD
EPIX Drive-In Oregon 397
EPIX HITS Oregon 897 HD

All channels of EPIX on FiOS are aired in high definition and viewers just love them.

EPIX – Enjoy the Richness of Entertainment

Are you a Showtime fan? If yes, then you love movies and series. And when it comes to movies and shows, more is less. You will always be looking for some promising titles to binge on. It’s good to have more and more movie channels on your Channel Lineup. You may essentially consider channels like FOX. But considering the variety of entertainment genres catered and the number of movies and series, EPIX is perhaps your best choice. The channel is one of its kind when it comes to the original content. It has created some of the best original movies and series. Audience across the globe are in love with some of the titles aired on EPIX channels. You can even browse the official website to explore amazing titles from your favorite genre to binge on.

When you will explore the variety of content, you will realize that it wouldn’t be wrong to call EPIX the ESPN of the entertainment world.

Promising Movie Titles

Following are some of the best original movies by EPIX. Check out!

  • 1492: Conquest of Paradise.
  • Beowulf.
  • Baywatch.
  • Battle Ground.
  • Acrimony.
  • Affairs of State.
  • Curious Obsessions.
  • The Falcon and the Snowman.
  • Friday the 13th.
  • Grace Unplugged.
  • Ironman 2.
  • Jackass 3.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Muhammad Ali: A Life.
  • The Last Airbender.
  • Weightless.
  • xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

And the list is never-ending.

Must-Watch Original Series

Fancy binge watching some new series? Check out these amazing titles.

  • Perpetual Grace LTD.
  • Punk.
  • Deep State.
  • Get Shorty.
  • Berlin Station.
  • Elvis Goes There.
  • America Divided.
  • Graves.
  • The Contender.

Original Documentaries

Not every channel has to offer quality documentaries. But EPIX has some legendary documentaries to offer. Following are a few names.

  • The Panama Papers.
  • This Is Home. A Refugee Story.
  • Altman.
  • Serena.
  • Under the Gun.
  • Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image.
  • Doped: The Dirty Side of Sports.
  • 4%: Film’s Gender Problem.
  • To Russia with Love.
  • Danica.
  • Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story.

Stand-Up Specials

Stand-up specials are another specialty of EPIX. Following are some incredible ones.

  • What Happened…Ms. Skyes?
  • Lisa Lampanelli: Back to the Drawing Board.
  • Jim Norton: Please Be Offended.
  • Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally – Summer of 69: No Apostrophe.
  • Tom Papa: Human Mule.
  • Michael Ian Black: Noted Expert.
  • Anjelah Johnson: Mahalo & Goodnight.
  • Craig Ferguson: Just Being Honest.
  • Dennis Miller: America 180.

Just make sure you catch these entertainment-rich shows in high definition. You can enjoy a better and more affordable deal with FiOS if you bundle up your TV package with one of their Internet plans. Enjoy the incredible channel that EPIX is. it definitely is one of a kind.