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What Channel is Discovery on FiOS?

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Channels that one always related to nature and the wildlife include Animal Planet and Discovery. These channels also gave us adrenaline rush when the camera zoomed into the scary eyes of a cheetah all of a sudden. The Discovery Channel also features some rather informative shows. If you are a Frontier subscriber, Discovery on FiOS will allow you to watch the HD version of the channel. Which means that you can watch all the action in better quality. Hence, making the experience even more thrilling and exciting. Other than that, you will find many great channels including FOX.

Discovery on FiOS- The Thrill and the Adrenaline Rush

Discovery Channel happens to be the third most distributed subscription channel in the States. Initially, the channel’s main focus was to bring to the viewers’ documentaries related to history, popular science, and technology. However, after 2010, the channel features more than just documentaries. It has now become a reality television channel and provides pseudo-scientific entertainment to the viewers as well.

If you wish to subscribe to the channel as well, the following table includes the Frontier channel lineup for Discovery in various states of America.

Channel Florida New York Texas California
Discovery Channel 120 120 120 120
Discovery Family 259 335 259 259
Discovery Life 161 466 161 161

You can also choose to subscribe to other channels like ESPN as well.

However, you should know that if you subscribe to the Discovery channel, you will get access to all the various channels that are a part of the network. These include Discovery Family and Discovery Life as well. But before you get to know more about these channels, let’s dig a little deeper into the Discovery Channel.

Discovery Channel- Not for the Weak Hearted

This is true. If you categorize yourself as someone who is weak at heart, please do not tune into the channel. Because your eyes will have to watch a lot. From the heinous acts of the animals to the deadliest humans accidents, you will have to deal with a lot more than you can imagine.

You won’t always get to watch documentaries based on sweet angelic birds chirping in the rainforests. Therefore, pluck up all the courage before you tune into the Discovery Channel. You will love it and relish watching reality base shows as well. Some of the most popular shows on the channel include:

  • Naked and Afraid
  • Gold Rush
  • Diesel Brothers
  • Clash of the Dinosaurs
  • Deadliest Catch
  • Mummies Unwrapped

The best part is that you can even watch the shows on the channel’s app or the website. All you need is a login ID.

In case, you are not a sucker for thrilling action and have no interest in what goes on in the lives of animals and other people, you can tune into the other channel. The family channel that Discovery offers is meant for all the members of the family to sit before the TV.

While doing so, you will enjoy watching some of the most fun and light mood shows. Although you can tune into Showtime to enjoy some family time too, the channel that Discovery offers has more family-ish feels to it.

Discovery Family- Down Time Favorite

This channel will offer you various options that you can choose to watch from. The channel has an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter as well. Which means that at times when you are not watching a show on Discovery Family, you can tune into any of the social media platforms to discuss a particular show. You can even take part in discussions that follow in the comments below any post. Some of the best shows that you will get to watch on this channel include:

  • Blazing Team
  • Cupcake Wars
  • Cats 101
  • Pound Puppies
  • Transformers Prime
  • Littlest Pet Shop

All these animated shows will keep your young ones entertained. They can learn many things from shows like Cake Boss and Chopped Junior as well.

In case you wish to know the TV schedule for any show, you can visit the channel’s website and you will get all the details. However, this is not the only channel that offers this feature, you can even get the shows or movies schedule for HBO on FiOS on the channel’s website as well.

Coming back to Discovery on FiOS, if you wish to watch lifestyle related shows, the network offers a channel for you as well.

Discovery Life- How People Live

This channel offers you an array of various lifestyle shows that throw light on the various aspects of our lives. From discussing body related issues to teaching you how to decorate your home, the shows on this channel can teach you a great deal. Some of the most interesting shows that you will get to watch on the Discovery Life channel include:

  • Body Bizarre
  • Shock Trauma: Edge of Life
  • Untold Stories of the ER
  • Trauma: Seconds to Live
  • Diagnose Me

Again, this channel offers some rather depressing shows. Therefore, you can always choose to tune into channels like Starz on FiOS.

Watch it On the Go

In case you are wondering, you can even tune into Discovery on FiOS through the app. But for that, you will have to make another investment- the Internet. Because you cannot watch the channels on the go without the availability of the Internet. Look for the Frontier Internet prices. They are quite reasonable and the company offers good Internet speed as well. Not to forget the hotspots that are available throughout the States too.  Hence, making it easier for you to access the free Internet as well.

You will be pleased to subscribe to the services that Frontier offers as the company includes some of the best channels in its lineup. Other than the entertainment channels, there are also news channels like CNN for those who want to stay updated on current affairs and news.