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What Channel is Comedy Central on FiOS Frontier?

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When it comes to entertainment options, a good number of people like to watch some good comedy. An episode of Friends is enough to lighten up moods after a long, tiring day. If you hail from a family of comedy lovers, Comedy Central on FiOS is the channel for you. The content of the channel is full of classy humor to keep you entertained for hours. Let’s know more!

The Slogan of the said channel is “Everything is Funny.” And rightly so! It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the HBO, Freeform, of the comedy genre. Because everything aired on this channel is full of humor and you will end up enjoying every bit of it.

Comedy Central on FiOS – Take Humor to the Next Level

Owned by Viacom Global Entertainment, Comedy Central is a pay-TV channel based in the United States. The channel was launched back in 1991. Like Epix, its headquarter is in New York. It has earned a good name since then. All because of its quality content! The channel is mainly geared for a mature audience. It hosts comedy programming in a variety of forms for viewers to enjoy to the fullest. It airs original shows, licensed shows, syndicated series, stand-up specials, and feature films. If you have a subscription to one of the Frontier TV packages, you get to watch all these in high definition.

Today, Comedy Central is watched across the globe in many countries. Since the 2000s, the channel has expanded and its localized channels are aired in different countries. Some instances are Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, India, and tons more. Just like Hallmark Channel, Showtime, the channel has a massive audience across the world. Comedy-lovers find a way to access its content.

According to an estimate, around 91,859,000 American households have access to the said channel. For those who have a subscription to Frontier, you can look up FiOS channel lineup online. Following are the channel numbers for Comedy Central in different states on FiOS.

Channel Name City/State Channel Number
Comedy Central Indiana 190/690 HD
Comedy Central California 190/690 HD
Comedy Central Florida 190/690
Comedy Central Oregon 190/690 HD
Comedy Central Washington 190/690 HD
Comedy Central Texas 190/690 HD

Watch Comedy Channels with FiOS

In addition to Comedy Central, there are plenty of comedy channels offered by FiOS. You can enjoy tons of other benefits if you subscribe to a Frontier package. In addition to economical billing, the bundling options are also incredible. You can explore Frontier Bundle deals and see for yourself the convenience that they offer. With features like DVR and Video on Demand, you can make any night a movie night. Comedy Central on FiOS alone will make a perfect movie night and Festival for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

You get access to your favorite programming and you can choose to watch from tons of popular titles from the On Demand section. In addition to comedy, you can explore content from all other entertainment genres. It also includes music and content for kids. You can classics, new releases and old favorites. You get to watch many critically acclaimed movies. From National Geographic to movie channels like TNT, they have got it all covered.

With a FiOS subscription, you can also have premium channels such as ABC and others.

Have a Good Laughter Therapy with these Shows

  • Broad City.
  • Another Period.
  • BoJack Horseman.
  • Chappelle’s Show.
  • The Jim Jefferries Show.
  • Futurama.
  • That ’70s Show.
  • King of the Hill.
  • This Week at the Comedy Cellar.
  • The Cleveland Show.
  • Parks and Recreation.
  • The Office.
  • The New Negroes with Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle.
  • Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle.
  • South Side.
  • South Park.
  • Ahamed’s Ramadan Diary.
  • Big Time in Hollywood.
  • Badass Bitches of History.
  • Biatches.
  • Behind Amy Schumer.
  • Blark and Son.
  • Casey Tries His Best.
  • Crank Yankers.
  • Deadliest Chef.
  • Dog Bites Man.

Other Popular Shows to Catch

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The longtime host of this show was Jon Stewart. Trevor Noah has taken this very tall task of hosting the show, knowing that it’s one of the best of Comedy Central’s shows. The show is all about satire and comedy. Noah, South African by nationality is lauded for his insightful and unique take on the current events. He is wickedly funny and has the ability to sell this show. You have to watch to see.


Jordan Klepper steps forward for the sake of American activism. He talks about some of the most pressing issues of the country. Some of these problems are racial discrimination, veteran care, education challenges, environmentalism, and so on. the show is full of much-needed reality checks and self-critical wit. You will love it!

Drunk History

This half-hour series is based on an award-winning and popular web series. It features a re-enactment of history’s famous events by drunk storytellers. Every episode brings you a tour of one of the American cities in order to explore the rich past of the people. These stories are then narrated and performed by drunken performers, which makes the whole thing rather confusing. You have to watch it to know what it is really about.

Live-Action Shows

When it comes to live-action, you may prefer channels like Fox. But the following shows will not disappoint you.

  • Comedy Central Roast.
  • Tosh.0.
  • This Is Not Happening.
  • Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents.
  • Corporate.
  • Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City.
  • Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level.
  • Alternation with Arturo Castro.
  • The Other Two.

With Comedy Central on FiOS, you get to enjoy all these shows in HD quality. So, grab your snacks and enjoy endless laughter with these shows!