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How to Boost your Wi-Fi Range and Performance

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Name a single thing that can irritate the hell out of you. I give you a minute. I bet you are thinking of the ‘W’ word. Yes, we all live for fast Internet speed and the Wi-Fi router not behaving is irritating. In case, you are looking for good Internet speed, try FiOS Internet plans by Frontier. You will not only get access to Great speed Internet but you will also get the router from the company. And after following a couple of easy steps, you will be able to set the router on your own.

How Well Does the Frontier Wi-Fi Router Perform?

The maximum speed that Frontier Internet comes at is 25 Mbps. This speed is best for seven or more devices. However, if you do not want to connect that many devices to the Wi-Fi, you can choose from 6, 12 or 18 Mbps plans. However, if you opt for FiOS, you can get access to speeds as high as 1000 Mbps.

You will get the router as a part of the deal. You can choose to set it on your own or ask for assistance from the company’s representatives.

The performance and range of the router depending on the model you receive. Frontier offers three different models that are Arris NVG443B, Netgear D220D, and Gateway Router Arris NVG468MQ. The table below summarizes the specs of the individual routers.

Router Model Performance Range
Arris NVG443B Up to 500 Mbps Small to medium homes
Netgear D220D Up to 300 Mbps Small to medium homes
Arris NVG468MQ Up to 400 Mbps Medium to large homes

However, if you feel at any given time that your router is posing problems. Or it is not performing to the best of its abilities, you can always try one of the following. These tips will help you to improve the range or the performance of the router.

Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Select an Ideal Place for the Router

Many times it happens that the router does not have any problem in it. In fact, it is the place of the router affecting the signal strength. Therefore, you should place the router in a place where there are a minimum amount of hurdles in the way.

Some of the best areas in the house to place a router are away from metal objects. You should also try to place your router in a room that is almost the center of the house. In this way, the signals will transmit evenly around the house. Also, keep the router away from electric wires.

Apart from all this, you should also try to place your router at a place slightly above the floor level. This will also help to minimize the number of barriers that the signals have to travel through.

Get a Strong Antenna

Although you will get a router with an antenna if you opt for Frontier deals for Internet, at times you might need a better antenna. You should check if the antenna with your router is powerful enough.

Because usually, the antennas that come with the routers are weak and small. A strong antenna is also huge in size. And the chances that you would need to invest in one are high.

The ideal size of an antenna that is powerful enough to transmit signals evenly around your house is 10-15 inches tall. If you do not mind attaching such a huge antenna to your router, it is the best way to boost the performance of your router.

Invest in a Wi-Fi Extender

The concept of a Wi-Fi extender/booster/repeater is to take a Wi-Fi signal, amplify it and then transmit it again. A good repeater will be a bit hefty on the pocket. But it will be worth the investment. It is easy to install repeaters. In case, you are worried about that. Anyone can do that. It is not a hard job.

Opt for a Less Crowded Wireless Channel

If you have neighbors (chances that you don’t are rare), there is a high chance that their routers’ signals will interfere with yours. Thus, causing your signal to weaken or degrade.

In case you did not know, the wireless routers are capable of operating on a number of different channels. You would want yours to be on the least crowded channel. For you to be able to do so, you will have to make use of tools like WiFi Analyzer and Network Analyzer Lite.

These tools will help you to see where exactly does your Wi-Fi network falls. You can then switch the channels manually using this software in case your router is picking the signals poorly.

Avoid Network Overload

Mostly the network overload leads to the weakened signals. For example, a family of 5-6 might always complain about the weak signals. This is because everyone is making use of Wi-Fi using their own personal devices. When the network is crowded, the signals will definitely weaken.

You always have an option to check your Frontier Internet speed online. So, if after checking the speed, you find out that it is at the constant high that it always is, it means that you need to lessen the burden on the network. Let it breathe for some time by disconnecting a few devices from the Internet.

In case, you find it hard to do so, you can opt for two routers. Each serving fewer family members than the single router was. But for that purpose, you will also need to have two different Internet plans.