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7 Prime Benefits of Satellite Internet

in Technology

While we get options in every other thing, the Internet comes in various types as well. You might have heard of these diverse options before. From broadband to fiber to Satellite Internet, there is a buffet of available options. The ones that you select, however, depend on your usage. And the amount that you are willing to pay for an Internet connection as well. In case, you are a sucker for blazing speed when it comes to the Internet, fiber optic will best serve your requirement. The FiOS packages offered by some companies come at affordable prices too.

However, if you want to opt for the satellite option, here’s your guide.

What is Satellite Internet?

In case you live or work in a place that does not have enough Internet connection options, you would need to resort to this option. Although this is not the only option available, people end up opting for satellite. The other option, however, is dial-up. But that is a rather unpopular option.

In case, you are wondering, Satellite Internet is a wireless connection. It involves three satellite dishes. These three dishes are located at Internet service provider’s hub, your property, and the satellite respectively. Apart from the satellite dish, you will also need a modem and cables. The latter will run to and from the dish to the modem. Once all the arrangements are made, the ISP sends the signal to the dish in space that then sends it to you.

Having explained what satellite form of Internet is, now let’s have a look at the benefits that it offers.

Benefits of Having a Satellite Internet Connection

#1. Faster than Dial-up

One of the most prominent advantages perhaps is that Satellite is faster than dial-up Internet. The frustration that comes with waiting endlessly for the dial-up Internet to connect is a bit too much. And the worst part is that the Internet keeps disconnecting every now and then. Therefore, a safe option is Satellite. The speed that you get depends on the package that you opt for. However, Satellite is 10-35 times faster than the dial-up connection.

#2. Global Coverage

This, perhaps, is one of the biggest advantages of Satellite. You get coverage at any place on the Earth that you might be. In fact, a rather astonishing fact is that one satellite present in the geostationary orbit is capable of covering distances a large as a whole continent. This allows for the availability of high-speed Internet to remote areas with much ease. This also means that many remote locations can be connected through a secure private link. In fact, some businesses require Satellite Internet as a necessity. This includes off-shore oil exploration.

#3. Cost Effective

As compared to the fiber optic connection, Satellite is a much cheaper option. It can cost somewhere between $10, 000-$100,000 to lay optic fiber. In contrast, if you have a look at the price that Satellite Internet comes at, it will surprise you. Moreover, fiber deployment may take several months before it becomes available to the concerned areas. However, this is not the case with Satellite.

#4. Location Independent

A discussed earlier, Satellite Internet is location independent. It is possible to get Internet access via satellite through fixed as well as mobile equipment. As long as the VSAT dish has a clear view of the location, the area stays connected to the Internet via Satellite.

#5. Reliability

It is crucial for an Internet connection to be reliable as well. Having a blazing Internet speed is one thing. But if the connection does not offer security, then there is no point in opting for it. However, accessing the Internet via Satellite is quite secure. In fact, it is one of the most reliable ways of connecting. This is due to the fact that the satellite network consists of a satellite, and teleport, as well as NOC and VSAT terminal. This means that the number of opportunities for the outage of data or information is reduced. If you compare this to terrestrial networks, you will see that there are fewer chances of network outages in Satellite Internet.

#6. Instant Installation Followed by Deployment

Internet connection via Satellite offers instant installation and then deployment. The antennas can be deployed instantly. One can then install them within a matter of a couple of hours as well. Hence, making it a very convenient option. In case, you are opting for a transportable solution, you can even get a connection in a matter of ten minutes.

#7. Bandwidth Availability

Satellite networks are capable of handling high bandwidth usage. This should act as a piece of rather good news for you. Because this means that your Internet speed/quality will not get affected.

If the above-mentioned advantages impress you, then you should opt for the Satellite Internet. Although there is nothing unconvincing about it, you can always look at Frontier bundles in case you want to opt for a different option.  But the truth is that you cannot get a better option than Satellite.