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What Channel is BBC on FiOS?

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BBC – Britain’s first live public broadcast channel was born as a result of the Second World War. At that time, the broadcast was used for uniting the nation. Now, as you tune into BBC on FiOS, there’s so much more entertainment you can get your hands on. Since the BBC has its multiple commercial divisions, you can watch news, TV shows, movies and listen to music as well.

BBC On FiOS – Enter the Fun Zone

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was established under the Royal Charter. It all started with a daily radio service in London. John Reith, the first general manager of BBC started innovating and experimenting with the channel. He didn’t have the remotest idea to what broadcasting was. Some of the first experimental TV broadcasts were black and white pictures created through mechanical means.

As time and services progressed, BBC became the first broadcast in the world to offer HD regular TV service. The programs that are featured today include dramas, sports, and cartoons and even outside broadcasts.

Here’s the Frontier channel lineup for BBC. Find out what channel is BBC on your FiOS service in your particular state:

Channel Name Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Los Angeles, California
BBC America 189
BBC World News 107
BBC CBeebies 1727

A Range of Channels for Entertainment Seekers  

Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to TV and entertainment. That’s why the BBC offers a variety to its viewers. You can watch from:

  • BBC World News: ESPN and CNN viewers like to stay updated about the latest news. If you do too, you will love watching every minute of BBC World News. This international news and current affairs TV broadcast interview shows, documentaries, news bulletins, and lifestyle programs. In Europe and other parts of the world, BBC World News is available through satellite and cable platforms. In the USA, you can watch BBC on FiOS.
  • BBC America: BBC America is pay TV network owned by AMC networks and BBC Studios.  It’s not funded by the British license fee. It’s funded by TV subscription fee and traditional advertising. This channel presents a mixture of drama, comedy, and lifestyle programs on BBC television. Doctor Who, Planet Earth, The X-Files, Star Trek, etc. are some of the shows broadcasted by BBC America.
  • BBC CBeebies: BBC is not just for adults, it has entertainment for kids as well. BBC CBeebies is a channel aimed at young children. It’s an advert- free channel with recurring presenters who perform sketches and host a number of other shows for kids. CBeebies has the mission to encourage children to learn through play.

FiOS TV Plans – Grab the Best of Digital Cable TV

FiOS is 100% fiber optic and it’s been offering amazing TV experience to its viewers. You can either go for custom channels or packages that give you access to 425+ channels. Then, you will have a chance to watch the BBC on FiOS. With every plan, you will get a reliable picture quality even if the weather is bad. Here are some of its TV plans:

  • Custom: The Custom TV plan starts at $64.99 per month. You will get access to action and entrainment (AMC, TNT, and FX), sports and news (FOX and MSNBC) and popular kids and teen channels (TBS, Disney, and Nickelodeon), lifestyle and reality, infotainment and drama, etc.
  • Traditional: The price of the HD TV plan starts at $74.99 per month. Their standard HD plan includes 280+ channels. If you want to access premium TV channels such as STARZ, or Showtime. you might want to choose their Ultimate HD plan.
  • Spanish: FiOS TV Mundo plan starting at $49.99 per month gives you access to popular shows and sports in Spanish. You will have more than 210 channels to browse from.

Note: The plan and pricing might differ depending on your area.

Having Second Thoughts? Explore FiOS TV Test Drive

So many TV channel packages can be overwhelming. To make it easier for users to unlock the right TV package, FiOS offers a TV test drive. It lets you explore 425 TV channels for 60 days. During this test drive, you can also experience watching BBC on FiOS. There’s a digital tool that analyzes user preferences and recommends a TV plan accordingly.

Stream Whatever You Desire Wherever You Desire

With the FiOS TV app, you can watch live sports, news and even your favorite shows on HBO, NBC, etc. on the go. The app also supports on demand and DVR connect. It has a smart and simple interface that makes it easy to find your favorite shows. You can watch the shows either on go, download them to watch offline or stream on Verizon wireless (if you have one). For high-speed Internet bundle, you might want to check out Frontier Internet plans.