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What Channel is Animal Planet on FiOS?

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If you have watched Animal Planet on FiOS before then you know it has some compelling shows. In fact, there is hardly any other channel that compares. Sure, some other channels run wildlife documentaries as well, but Animal Planet offers so much more. Just like other news channels can’t compare to the quality programming offered by CNN. Animal Planet is your 24/7 insight into the wild world.

Animal Planet – The Channel We All Love

From captivating series like The Most Extreme, which has been running strong since 2002. To fluffy series like Too Cute, which is bound to overload you with cuteness. American Planet shows enjoy so much popularity that they are the envy of channels like HBO. But unlike channels like Showtime that offer a variety, Animal Planet only offers wildlife shows.

Where is Animal Planet on FiOS?

Unfortunately, since Animal Planet is not a satellite TV channel, the channel number it is available on may differ. Like with Starz, your local cable service provider would have pre-set channel lists for the network. You can search for the channel number by searching for ‘Animal Planet on FiOS’ followed by the name of the city or state you are in.

If you are a Frontier subscriber in Washington, Indiana, or Florida, you can use the table below to find out which channel is broadcasting Animal Planet on FiOS. It is available on different channels in different states. Thankfully, that does not affect the programming schedule. You are still able to watch your favorite shows like Lone Star Law, at the same time as always.

Channel Name City/States Channel Number
Animal Planet Metro Area, Washington DC 130/630HD
Animal Planet Indianapolis, Indiana 130/630HD
Animal Planet Orlando, Florida 130/630HD

If you can’t find your state information on the table above, that’s ok. You can search for FiOS channel lineup by including the state in the Google search bar. If you type in “What channel is Animal Planet on FiOS in Texas”, you can continue watching your favorite shows.

The Most Popular Shows on Animal Planet

The Animal Planet has some of the best programs lineups available today. If you haven’t subscribed to Frontier TV Channels, it will be difficult to enjoy your favorite Animal Planet series. The network is home to entertainment like Wild West Alaska, Meerkat Manor, and Extinct or Alive. Additionally, you can enjoy watching some other favorites right now, including:

Lost Tapes

You won’t be able to find anything like Lost Tapes on the Fox network. In fact, you might find it challenging to find anything like this show at all. If you’re interested in Bigfoot, werewolves, vampires, reptilians, or even the Chupacabra, this is the show for you. The show re-enacts first-person accounts of encounters with these mythical creatures.

Puppy Bowl

If you like football, Animal Planet has an annual football show that you will never find on ESPN. Have you ever thought of what it would be like if puppies played your favorite sport? These adorable little monsters can create havoc if you’ll let them. It is one of the most spectacular shows on the air today.

River Monsters

Like CNBC offers a different take on the news, River Monsters offers a different take on sea creatures. The show follows biologist Jeremy Wade as he travels the world in search of misunderstood freshwater creatures. He follows clues, eyewitness accounts, and stories that border on local myths to find them. He catches and releases the largest specimens whenever he can. The aim of the show is to help uncover the truth behind the creatures’ attacks, in order to save them from extinction.

Gator Boys

Gator Boys follows alligator trappers Jimmy Riffle and Paul Bedard. These unsung American heroes keep the Florida Everglades safe. They are on constant patrol and capture alligators that are causing a nuisance. You are unlikely to find a show like this on TNT!

Crickey! It’s the Irwins

Do you remember Steve Irwin? He was a well-respected adventurer and wildlife expert who tragically lost his life. He lived doing what he loved, caring for animals and teaching how best to handle them. His family pays him tribute every day by following in his footsteps. The reality show follows the Irwin family as they work at the Australia Zoo. You won’t see anything like this heartwarming show on MTV, that for sure!

Animal Planet has a wide selection of appealing shows. If you like to watch shows on your time, you can use your internet plans to catch up on missed episodes online.