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What Channel is ABC on FiOS?

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Did you know ABC on FiOS has some of the most compelling programmings on the air? These keep you current on world affairs, like World News Tonight. But, we can’t always be watching the news, like on CNN, BBC, can we? ABC is also your passport to some of the most popular entertainment shows and specials.

From comedies like Single Parents to reality shows like everyone’s favorite, American Idol. ABC’s programming schedule is giving channels like HBO a difficult time. But that’s not all the network offers. If you are a fan of the NFL, NBA, or even college football, ABC has a treat for you. The network has been a long time partner of ESPN for exclusive sports content.

Did You Know?

Not many know that the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is the flagship property of Walt Disney Television. ABC launched in 1943 as a radio network and added television broadcasting in 1948. The Alphabet Network, as it is commonly referred, has affiliated itself with over 232 stations. The all-American network enjoys devoted viewership, which is the envy of channels like MTV.

ABC on FiOS – Find What You’re Looking For

Since ABC is not a satellite TV channel, the channel number it is available on may differ. Like with Starz, your local cable service provider would have pre-set channel lists for the network. You can search for the channel number by searching for ‘ABC on FiOS’ followed by the name of the city or state you are in.

Similar to CNBC, ABC is available on different channels in different states. Thankfully, that does not affect the programming schedule. You are still able to watch your favorite shows like Greys Anatomy, at the same time as always. If you are a subscriber of Frontier TV packages in Washington, Indiana, or Florida, you can use the table below to find out which channel is broadcasting ABC on FiOS.

Channel Name Metro Area, Washington DC Indianapolis, Indiana Orlando, Florida





















If you can’t find your state information on the table above, that’s ok. You can search the channel lineup by including the state in the Google search bar. If you type in “What FiOS channel is ABC in California”, you can continue watching your favorite shows.

The Most Popular Shows on ABC

The ABC network has one of the best programs lineups available today. If you haven’t subscribed to Frontier Bundle Deals, it will be difficult to enjoy your favorite ABC original series. The network is home to entertainment like The View, Celebrity Family Feud, and American Housewife. Additionally, you can enjoy watching some other favorites right now, including:

Modern Family

This is the most popular mockumentary to hit the air since The Office. The series has been renewed for the 11th season and finale this year. It follows the lives of three families, who are interrelated through the Pritchett family. Jay Pritchett, his daughter, and his son all have families of their own. Jay Pritchett has a new wife and son, his daughter is married with three kids, and the son has a husband and an adopted daughter. The show is an ABC original and so you won’t be able to view it on other networks like Fox.

The Conners

It premiered in 2018 as a spin-off of Roseanne. The show shares a lot of the cast from the original record-breaking series. It follows the lives of the Conners, a working class family that is barely getting by on their income. The show picks up after the death of Roseanne, the lead from the original series. You won’t be able to join the family on other channels like Showtime, to see how they are managing their daily lives in Lanford, Illinois.

Fresh Off the Boat

It is an American sitcom set in the 1990s. The show follows the life of a Taiwanese family who is trying to settle in Florida. In an effort to fit in and live the American dream, the family opens a cowboy-themed streak house. You won’t be able to enjoy the family’s escapades on other channels like CNBC since this series is an ABC original.

Bless This Mess

An American sitcom set in Nebraska, the series premiered in 2019 and already enjoys a devoted viewership. Since it is an ABC original, networks like TNT are unlikely to air it. It follows the life of a couple who have left their life in New York and moved to a farm in Nebraska. To make matters interesting, the couple accidentally plants marijuana seeds instead of alfalfa and have to deal with the consequences.

A Million Little Things

A family drama series that premiered as an ABC original in 2018. It follows the lives of a group of friends in Boston. After one of the friends commits suicide, the rest need to deal with their loss. As they do, they realize that they need to start living their lives freely, because they don’t want to have the same regrets as their departed friend.

ABC on FiOS has a wide selection of appealing shows for every mood. If you like to watch shows on your time, you can use your internet plans to catch up on missed episodes online.